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Paris Hilton has ADD and she is Awesome!

Now I want to talk about Paris Hilton. She’s an Adder! When I heard the news that she is an Adder I wasn’t the least bit surprised and actually, I really, well, expected it. She has all the traits. Think about it: She seems naïve, but she’s not. She said she just acted dumb, but that she’s really not. How many of us Adders have said this in our lives just to cover up our ADD or ADHD? She’s still young and I remember at her age I used to say things and do things I wish I hadn’t—heck, I still do. We Adders are impulsive, ingenious yes, but we are so impulsive and our minds work so fast that we say things before we have formed them in proper sentences or worked them out in a way that the general public can understand. Because we do that, sometimes, well, we just look dumb and what’s worse is that we feel dumb. By feeling dumb we become ashamed and the next thing we do is play things off as just an ‘act’. The problem with saying it’s just an act, is when we do it again, people start to believe it really is just an act and they begin to resent us for it. 

Thankfully, in today’s world we can come forward and say we have ADD. Or can we? I am not so sure about that. I have read so many Articles and Blogs by, forbid, Adders denouncing Paris Hilton and ridiculing her! I can understand the negative articles by those who do not understand ADD, but from fellow Adders? Isn’t being ridiculed, chastised and punished the most common problems we Adders face from others who do not understand our condition? Be honest now… isn’t it? No, I am not condoning anything Paris Hilton has done which has broken the law—she is not even condoning that stuff. So, please, get down from that high horse if you’re on one. Stuff happens, especially with us Adders. Will she break the law again or do something wrong again? Well, you tell me. What’s a BIG problem for us Adders when it comes to things we have done wrong or even anything we have done—good or bad? We tend to repeat. We don’t do it on purpose and if we could stop ourselves, we would. Have you ever repeated a mistake? I know I have—again and again. Sometimes we just don’t realize we are going into repeat action until we have done gone and done it. Oops! But, hey, nobody in their right mind is going to excuse our oopsies—most especially not someone of Paris Hilton’s stature. She has to be better than us. She must control it better than us. She’s rich and famous; she’s not allowed to claim ADD. What? She’s not? She’s still human and she still has ADD. If you were given 20 kazillion dollars today would you never repeat a mistake again? I wouldn’t, no, not me… yeah right! Can I still have the Kazillion dollars?

Let’s move on and look at Paris Hilton’s fame. What? She doesn’t deserve it? Let’s think about that for a minute. Again, I can understand the general public without ADD not completely understanding Paris Hilton’s allure, but us Adders should know better, because we can relate. We too have ADD, after all. Think about it—what’s another very common trait we Adders have? We draw attention to ourselves. We are magnets when it comes to attention. Hey, it’s one of the biggest reasons for our medication—to help us calm down, stop acting out and stop drawing attention to ourselves or those around us. Paris Hilton happens to be on a bigger stage than most of us and she has learned to hone the attention she receives into a ‘brand’. Wouldn’t we all like to do that? We can, but that’s another article. The great thing about us Adders is that we are abundantly blessed with a creative nature. We are also inventors and idea makers. Paris Hilton might be on a bigger stage than us, but think a moment about other stars, actors, even politicians who have money and wish they had a fraction of the fame Paris Hilton has. The difference with her is that she has ADD. She might seem cursed with our negative sides, but she is also blessed with our positive sides.

ADD is not an excuse. Let’s get that straight. ADD is not an excuse, BUT, it is a reason for many of the things we do. If it was not a reason, well, then, I guess it wouldn’t be considered a disorder. Right?

Some Adders even say Paris Hilton is giving us a bad rap. What? I don’t think so. Actually, I think she could be an ADD spokesperson and help bring understanding of ADD to the general population. She could already be doing that, but many of us Adders are inhibiting her from doing that because most of us are distancing ourselves from her. She is exhibiting ADD traits on the biggest stage and nobody sees the value in that for awareness of ADD? I think that’s a mistake and a missed opportunity. Are we ashamed? That’s another big ADD issue. Shame. We are tired of being ashamed and Paris Hilton’s problems remind us of our own shame for the things we have done and didn’t mean to do. It is understandable, but somewhere we must draw a line and say, yes, that’s our issue and we want to be better. If we hide from it and chastise famous people who get ‘caught’ in moments of Adderness, well, then, do we deserve assistance—do we deserve understanding from the general public who do not have ADD? I am just asking.

I have frequently read that Paris Hilton should never have depended on someone else to read her mail and that it just shows her stupidity. Uhm… just another question of mine, but isn’t one of the most recommended things for an Adder to do (who can afford it) is to get a personal assistant? Someone who reads the mail and keeps track of bills etc.? Again, just asking here. Let’s think about our own solutions, which we Adders have created, for our most common tendencies and then we go about saying another Adder should not have done what we recommend? Again, I am not condoning any actions of anyone. I just want to take a moment and look at the other side of the issue. We Adders have a tendency to neglect things, but, let’s not neglect the truth of ADD and how it affects those with it, even people such as Paris Hilton.

One of the reasons I think we tend to neglect the other side of Paris Hilton’s story might be that we don’t see into Paris Hilton’s life past the cameras and glitz. We just see what is reported. Take a moment and consider that she has a GED and she was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 12. What did she and her family go through? There are reasons she went to see a doctor and was finally diagnosed. We are not privy to that complete information; however, I am sure it is not unlike many families who seek medical advice for their child. It is not an easy thing to do. I can’t imagine that the decision was made over night and, like most of us, the decision to seek medical advice was probably taken into consideration for a while and for many unexplained problems. If you are an Adder and you have received proper diagnosis just think about how long, and what you suffered through, before being diagnosed. There is more to Paris Hilton’s story than meets the eyes. I think some of us forget to take that into consideration, but, to be fair, we should.

Larry King is taking a beating for the way he handled Paris Hilton’s interview. I applaud him. I think he understands ADD ADHD for what it is and how it affects people. Adders are very well known for being sensitive—along with our shame and our mistakes and so on. What if Larry King understood this and handled Paris Hilton’s interview with concern for her well being and mental stability? She is also on medication—not just aspirin either. The rest of the world was already chastising and burning her at the stake and most of the world got mad when he didn’t join them in the witch roast. Thanks Larry, from the bottom of my heart as an Adder for being the one to recognize there is more going on with Paris Hilton than what was being considered. He might not be able to protect her completely, but, he stood up and gave her room to speak whether she made mistakes or not. He could see her mistakes and he could have questioned and berated her for them, but, he didn’t and he’s Larry King. I think Larry knew what he was doing.


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