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Ty Pennington and ADHD, he sets a good example

“A Jack of all trades and a Master of none!”  This is how Ty Pennington has often described himself, and truth be told, it is also how many of us Adders depict ourselves. I have described myself that way, and actually, I still do. The reality is that Ty and the majority of Adders are indeed Masters of a trade, an Adder trade, we are Masters of innovation.

Ty is a true master and one I admire. When it comes to ADHD he is ahead of his time, and really, it’s about time someone like Ty came along and help educate society concerning the reality of ADHD and ADD. He takes it upon himself to spread understanding and help bring healing to Adders from around the world and he does not limit himself to only those with ADD or ADHD. He helps many in need. If you have watched his show on ABC, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

From what I have read, Ty was first diagnosed with ADHD in high school, at the age of 17. Learning that Ty had much difficulty in School, long before diagnosis, it is not difficult for me to understand why he has become such a philanthropist. Many Adders have lived life being misunderstood and have been faced with ridicule, chastisements and punishment for underperformance and unruly behavior, especially in school systems which are designed around standards and rules which are difficult for Adders to comply with. Ty is known for going to schools and talking to both educators and students. He uses his charm, charisma, experience and innovative thinking to help people understand the reality of ADD and ADHD; however, as I mentioned earlier, he will help just about anyone in need when he can. Adders are very sensitive and feel empathy in a very strong and real way.

Like Paris Hilton, and many Adders, Ty draws attention. He cannot help it—few Adders can. However, he has utilized the ability to draw attention into building several careers for himself, and by also using his innovative creative mind and skills. In the process, he has used his success to help others and become a good example and role model.

To be honest, it was just yesterday that I learned that Ty Pennington has ADHD. He is opening a furniture store in California called ‘Art Design Home Deco’ or ADHD, for short. Talk about a creative mind! The name draws attention like honey to bees, and further increases awareness of ADHD and ADD in a very creative and innovative way. It drew my attention! I came across a news release that mentioned a furniture store with the initials ADHD. How could I not read that news release? Well, of course, I read it. Again, just like with Paris Hilton I wasn’t the least bit surprised to learn that Ty has ADHD. How else could someone be so creative and innovative and seemingly never rest?!

Ty has had his share of problems too, he has been quick to acknowledge and even apologize when necessary. This just goes even further to show how he sets a good example, even when he makes a mistake. Unlike Paris Hilton, Ty tends to have a very good reputation and folks take his apology seriously and accept it quicker. Ty hasn’t made what he is about any secret and has made it one of his life’s goals to help others with ADHD and ADD. This, I think, is something Paris Hilton could learn from. Maybe she should give Ty a call? She isn’t a bad person, not in the least; however, she is often portrayed as one and many consider her to be a bad example of behavior and not a good role model.

Ty Pennington is indeed a “Jack of all trades” but he is a Master of innovation, with creativity and heart. He sets good examples and is a good role model. Let’s keep an eye on him, he is an Adder who will bring great difference and understanding to the world around him—he already has!

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