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Positive Thinking part4 post1

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Positive Thinking part4 post1:        
Potential part 2

If you have visited Seth’s Blog then I am sure you can see why I think he has an Adder trait or two. Usually, only an Adder can create stuff so interesting that it becomes mesmerizing to another Adder. Consider Da Vinci. Did you notice Seth’s book with the naked plastic dolls on the cover? Exactly… go back and find it… I will wait.

I am not saying that Seth is an Adder. Let’s get that clear. I am saying that what he creates is very interesting to the point that it is captivating, even to Adders. That is a major reason he is so successful.

Adders are extremely creative. That is no secret. And concerning our creative nature, I am not telling you anything you haven’t heard before, or what you don’t already know. Since we agree that we all know this, or at the least we have heard or read this fact about Adders and our creative nature, why is it that we do not all go about creating stuff? Consider, for a moment or longer (your choice), that because we have ADD or ADHD we need something very stimulating to keep our attention. Therefore, when we create something we create it in a way that will stimulate our mind. Stay with me here, don’t get distracted. If then, what we have created is stimulating enough for us as Adders, how stimulating do you think it is for those that are stimulated by less?

Ah, see what I am trying to say?

According to many observers of human nature Leonardo da Vinci displayed many characteristics of ADHD and he is one of the most remembered and mentioned artists ever! That’s a fact. Michelangelo was a great artist too, but, when thinking of art it is usually Da Vinci’s name that comes up first. Leonardo did more than just paint a picture. When he made art he made it captivating, he created suggestions and questions. Is the Mona Lisa smiling, grinning or is she grimacing? Who cares? Everyone!

If you have ADD or ADHD or if you even only have some Adder traits you have a great power within you to create and not just create anything. You can create mesmerizing, captivating and memorable things. It is so very true. All you really need to do is do it! If you are not doing it then you are not living up to your potential. It is that simple and for us Adders it is that complicated. We don’t always have control of our actions, but there is a way …

In order to release your potential you must identify what your potential is. That’s the easy part. Just think of what you enjoy the most, what comes easy to you and what you do the best. I don’t mean for the masses—forget about them for a moment. Answer those questions with consideration of only yourself. When you answer, you will know where the majority of your potential is.

And this really does bring me to how I got lucky!  To be continued…


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