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Positive Thinking part6 post1:

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Positive Thinking part6 post1:        
I got lucky part 2

A person came up to me one day and said he knew the answer to my problem. This person and I had not talked much in the past, but he felt he could just come up to me and lay it on me! The nerve! I blew his suggestion off at first, but he wasn’t the type to just let things go when he felt he knew something which could help. I am thankful that he did approach me and help me start my life in a new direction.

He didn’t use words and he didn’t try to convince me of anything in any dramatic fashion. He handed me a book and said I should read it. The book was “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

My negativity and defeatist attitude must have been obvious, so obvious that someone would hand me a book on positive thinking. I wasn’t sure if I should read the book or not. By that time I had already tried so many things and nothing seemed to work for me, so, why should a book be any different?

Adders tend to be negative thinkers. We have good reasons to be negative thinkers and I could write all day listing reason after reason, but that would be good for only one thing: more negativity. Negatives attract more negatives and are the core of any self defeatist attitude. We have ADD/ADHD and that’s more than enough to deal with, so adding our negative thoughts and beliefs to the mix just put that much more difficulty in our paths and creates a roadblock some of us never get through, around or over. We have to remove the roadblock!

Next we will talk about removing the roadblock. To be continued…

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