Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

Wife’s support of her Adder

As an Adult, and married Adder, it is important to note how vital, emotional and meaningful it is to have the support of your spouse. My wife is a wonderful human being who supports me in all ways possible. Through mistakes, misunderstandings and yes, even chaos at times, we have come together as two wonderfully matched people who love each other unconditionally. What’s most important in our relationship is that we have understanding for each other and in that understanding we expect no perfection and yet, through this understanding, we are blessed with perfection of ‘us’ as a unit.


Joan and Bryan


Joan wrote a wonderful poem for me. I am so enamored with her words and gesture that I feel compelled to share this poem with all of you and let you know that even Adders can have a wonderful, fulfilling and understanding relationship:

I love my Bry
Although betwixt his eye
There lies a sigh.
I love my Bry
Through the day and night
I love my Bry.

The way he says “e”
Is to me like the sea
Alluring, mysterious,
Inherently dangerous, and most delicious.
I love my Bry
Worthy to sail
Rightly to respect
In need of this voyager
Upon his vast richness of pleasure
I love my Bry

The way he smiles
Inspires me for miles
Of unsettled Blue Waves
Reaching my soul.
I love my Bry
For all the while that
He may choose due course
Toward the radiant sun
Of my horizon
I love my Bry.

Joan F. Hutchinson