Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

I think the world is indeed waking up to the realities of ADD ADHD

  Adders are Pirates?

Bryan I am an Adder – not a Pirate

I have always been easily bored and therefore I have always been in the search mode of seeking stimulation. The search mode is great for learning and discovering and creating, but if you’re not an Adder it might be difficult for you to understand how it is that I can overcome my inability to pay attention to what schools have determined are necessary for learning or passing. Just because I did not seem to pay attention in school does not mean that I did not learn and just because I did not always pass the required classes, it does not mean I did not learn the lessons in the class, or at least some of the lessons, perhaps. Actually, what that really means is that I was not able to call the lessons to memory as was required, as was standard, or rather as the schools deemed necessary. In School, had I been asked to apply the lessons in a real world scenario, I think I would have done better and that would have been more interesting, because that’s what I am able to do, but that is not what school is really about.

I know people that could recall lessons with clarity and pass tests with outstanding scores, but later in life they could not apply that information to real world scenarios! Maybe that’s why there are so many problems in the world today, so many students who have honed their memory skills, but have lost track of real world application? No wonder we Adders are well known for starting our own businesses or creating our own way in life, sure we are not great at the organizing stuff, but once we get our abilities for real world application in line, we hire those ‘better’ students for the tedious stuff that is in need of organization and good memory skills! Not all Adder’s become successful and make it though, but when I read more and more about my fellow Adders I have learned that it has a lot more to do with punishment, chastisements and degrading handling in the all important years of  childhood. Kick’em while they are down sort-of-speak. In my opinion low self-esteem and depression are the main reasons that Adders do not become successful—not inabilities. Without understanding, compassion and positive reinforcement an Adder child will have a very difficult time making it, but when he or she does make it—watch out!—he or she is going to do great things and probably make the world a better place!

I think it’s great to see that ADD ADHD is receiving more understanding in today’s environment—we were not likely to be diagnosed when I was growing up. I wasn’t. If we can get past the stigmas and misconceptions and the belief that only those who can remember lessons in a specific manner are acceptable, we will probably see our economy do better, we might see new ideas and inventions become the norm again and we might see progress in areas that a normal mind might get stuck because an abstract view is needed, finally, the world might indeed be a better place. With apprenticeships all but gone, or available only after standard schooling is done, the world seems to have put a much needed resource to sleep. It’s time to realize that living by too many standards and requirements in schools is, to a degree, inhibiting mankind’s progress. I sincerely think the world is waking up to the realities of ADD ADHD, but it still needs some positive, constructive pushes in the right direction. Voices of concern – Pirates?

We Adders are not Pirates, but it sure seems that our Adder ways of learning are more for Pirates in today’s world of memory based learning and yet, for some reason, I am thinking that perhaps maybe we should take a look at our learning systems a little closer and wonder a little more why Adders seem to be turning up more and more. Under-diagnosed, under-estimated and way undervalued certainly. If all schools became interactive learning centers–who would be the Adders then? aiy… matey?

  We ain't no stink'n Pirates!


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