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If Stephen Colbert can do it, well then SO CAN I!

No, no calm down… cool your heals and don’t worry about it so much. Steven has been denied the right to run for president. Yep, that’s right—we all knew he would win. C’mon, that’s no secret. Why would he win? Because he is funny, but what is more curious is that he says things the way they are! And, that my friends, is very funny! And it’s uniquely refreshing. Like Cool Aid, or Doritos—you pick.

The question we should be asking is why did Colbert decide to run for president? To make a mockery of it? To challenge the front runners? To be a contender? Nah, I think he did it to sell his book and in order to sell his book to Adders (as I know this was his intention-yep) he had to be extraordinary and entertaining and well, run for president! It worked! His book is number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. I am sure it’s thanks to us Adders!

So—you are probably wondering why I am writing this? I know you are. Well, let me tell you why… 

I went and bought his book~! Ha!

Now, you might be thinking—how foolish! If I am foolish, then I am not the only one, I mean, it is number 1 for a reason—because there are a lot of foolish people? A lot of foolish Adder people? Well, maybe—BUT NO! Colbert’s book is the funniest thing I have read in ages! It sincerely is and that’s my review—enough said? Hrmmmm let me give you a quote from his book:

“Every organization needs strong leadership. At home my word is law. Whatever I say goes. For instance, recently my son wanted a laptop computer for his birthday. I said, “Go ask your mother.” And he did. That’s respect.”
Stephen Colbert – I am America (and so can you!)

Anyway, I am not going to run for president… not yet anyway, but hey! I did write a book!

‘Nuff said?


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