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Commander Mart


As a young boy I would frequently get lost. It was odd, because I would go far, far away and then in an instant I would be right back at home. I didn’t know how I did it, but I did and it was fascinating, it was wonderful and it was intoxicating to my little mind. Even at a very young age I had a mind for dreaming, my dreams weren’t about simple things or even things which were directly around me. I dreamed of flying. I could jump in the air and start flying—just like that, or I could jump onto my silver Pegasus and have him fly me wherever I wanted to go. And the places I would go were far, far away—to distant planets and words in other dimensions!

I was Commander Mart—the savoir of worlds and hero to millions. I would fly places and help others against oppression and evil doers. I went it alone for a while, but I soon discovered there was a lot of help needed out there and I formed a group and they were called the Silver Eagles. We had suits too. We wore silver suits of buckskin which had silver hoods, silver gauntlets and silver boots. You would think we could be seen for miles, but our suites were non-reflective. We were awesome with super abilities, each Silver Eagle had his own abilities, but of course, Commander Mart was the leader and most powerful. Next came squirrel, he was my right hand hero. Squirrel was his name, because he could move so fast, but he wasn’t fidgety, he was older and wise. I took his counsel whenever a problem arose that I wasn’t sure of how to solve. After a while, a second group of heroes was formed and they were led by Demon Exzer. They were evil heroes, so I guess they weren’t really heroes, they were very bad, destructive—destroyers of worlds by devouring the souls of all living inhabitants. And then there came a third set of heroes, but they were not evil and were not necessarily good—they were vampires, led by a queen named Vamprissica, who naturally fell in love with me and wanted me as her husband and mate… hey, it was my dream.

However, the story took a change while I dreamed it and I gave my dream a restart by me being born to a vampire and a human with mental powers. I grew up in a small village. I was a loner because I was different than all the other kids, but there was one kid who was drawn to me and I was drawn to her—Kyrie! Kyrie lived outside of the village, a good distance into the forest. She was being raised by her grandparents who were good friends with my parents. I suspect her grandparents weren’t normal either, but I never really explored them too much, because not too long into the story Kyrie and I are on the run and we leave the village together forever, but while we are running away we are attacked and during the attack we are separated. Waking up from being knocked unconscious I searched for Kyrie, but she was nowhere to be found and  I didn’t give up, I looked for days, but I just couldn’t find her and so I walked deeper into the forest until I was found by a wise man, who was named Squirrel.

I Just thought I would give you all a sample of what this Adder dreamed about as a child. The story was vast in its scope and had many endings and many beginnings. Commander Mart was my hero, my friend and who I wanted to be. It didn’t matter where I was; Commander Mart was there with me, in my head, taking me to far off glorious places! I have written about Commander Mart in short stories when I was a young youth, but I never finished any of them… maybe I will find those stories and give them some updating… I might have to start all over, because I have no clue where those stories are…


Commander Mart is an integral part of “One Boy’s Struggle” because it was hard for me not to dream of being him and going to those worlds. He helped me escape.

Joan wrote a wonderful poem about my life’s story and Commander Mart. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here.

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