Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

The ADD ADHD Dilemma – Are you a Hustler? Care to wager on that in a game of billiards pool?

Part of the ADD ADHD dilemma is that Adders can and do often appear to be hustlers. That’s right, we sure do and it can be a serious problem, a problem that we curse and at the same time are thankful to have. It’s good and it’s bad. It’s great and it is sad, to the point that sometimes we wish we could be more normal, more even, more well rounded and more steady, but our hustle can be addicting and no matter how much we hate it, we love it even more when it works in our favor!

So, you might be wondering – what is our Hustle?

We are deceivers, deceivers in the sense that people can’t figure us out because we don’t act in the way that they expect in certain situations, or any situations for that matter, we are unpredictable even when we seem entirely predictable.

Here’s my example: I love to play pool, I am pretty good at it, well, okay I am not going to hustle you on this, I am a professional, but you would never know that if you watched me shoot some balls for fun or with a friend while we are practicing or just goofing off. Actually, if you ever watch me play when it isn’t serious you would never believe I am a professional pool player. Yes, you would see the sparks of great shots and incredible position play at times, but you would not see the consistency that you would expect from a professional. And yet those that have played me or watched me in match play never forget me—I am dynamic and intoxicating at those moments of greatness—as are most Adders.

The thing is: most players and fans, friends, teachers and mentors believe I am a hustler. Why? I am going to tell you my secret, a secret you really know well—I shouldn’t tell you, because once I tell you, I won’t be able to hustle you anymore—or will I?

My hustle is simple; it is called, by the Adder community: Hyper-focus! It’s the hocus pocus of our existence, the bane of our existence and the thrill of our existence! When it turns on watch out and don’t’ get in our way, we will accomplish feats that make the word remarkable seem casual. When our hyper-focus turns on it will make people applaud and, to speak the plain truth, it will also piss people off to no end and make them believe we were faking any action less than what we display while in hyper-focus mode. You see, when I am in serious contention, match play—something is on the line and the pressure is on, then, and only then, my Hyper-focus turns on and I become a ball making machine, any shot, any position, I can make it. Try explaining that to the person who just thinks he got hustled. I really didn’t mean it— it just happens… right, it’s true.     Thank God I never got my thumbs broken!

Hyper-focus ON!

No, I am not a hustler, but when the pressure is on so is my hyper-focus! Want to wager on that?

There came a time that I had to stop playing pool for my own health and mental relief!