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Positive Adder Quote of the Week – Simon Cowell


“If you’ve got a big mouth and you’re controversial, you’re going to get attention.”

Simon Cowell

This week’s positive ADDer quote of the week goes to the one and only, American Idol’s, Simon Cowell! Simon Cowell? Well let’s see, my research shows that he was wild as a child, dropped out of high school at the age of 16. He started out with some mediocre jobs, but didn’t get along well with his co-workers and bosses.  Eventually his dad had to give him a job. Being Simon, he wanted more, so he tried his own company and it didn’t work out and at the age of 30 he had to move back in with his parents! I can just imagine his father shaking his head at this point.

Does Simon have ADD or ADHD? I have not found anything concrete to prove it, but man, he sure sounds familiar to me!

It’s easy to say that without the help of his dad, Simon would not have been successful. That could be very true and would have been a tragedy for the world as we know it. His wit, his charm and his criticism is something the world desperately needed. That’s on the surface – under the hood Simon is an Animal rights activist, against locking pets in cars. He also supports children from The Association of Children’s Hospices and invites them backstage to the screenings of The X Factor.

From what I have read Simon is actually a very, very nice person, but is so good at spotting talent and mentoring talent that he has created a persona of the ultimate critic. When you really judge Simon’s criticism, as harsh as it might be at times, we sometimes have to remember that the people competing in his shows are competing for over a Million $$$~! Take into account that his criticism is often correct and helps mold future entertainers who will earn millions. Think Westlife! Of course he is not perfect; he did pass up on the Spice Girls. Then again, before Carrie Underwood won the Idol contest Simon predicted, live on the show, that Carrie would win and go on to be the best selling Idol winner-ever! And his prediction was absolutely an unmitigated statement which came true!

Simon has a big mouth, he is controversial and he gets attention in the mega dose range! Fit any description you know of? Without all the social baggage he reminds me of Paris Hilton and we know for a fact she has ADD! He knows how to make things exciting and he can create theater between simple critical conversations, which he has made a fortune doing on his talent shows. He can turn an unmitigated disaster into precious jewels!

“I think you have to judge everything based on your personal taste. And if that means being critical, so be it. I hate political correctness. I absolutely loathe it.”


“Learn how to take criticism. Follow your gut instincts and don’t compromise.”

Simon Cowell

Spoken like a true Adder!