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Go Speed Racer GO!!! Review: Great – Spectacular – Awesome – Incredible – just absolutely Fantastic!

This is one incredible movie! This is one awesome movie! I saw Iron Man last week and have to admit that I loved it, but after watching SPEED RACER I had to catch my breath, take a few minutes to gather myself and just hope, beyond hope, that there is a sequel! Iron Man did not have quite that lasting effect, actually, okay, the Robert was pretty darn awesome as Tony Stark and the whole Avengers hook up was… sorry, got distracted.

Go SPEED RACER GO! If you read the prior reviews about there being no plot and that there was too much color for too long, well, they got the colors right, but I loved the story and felt that it did the original series justice. Not only that, the movie revealed a lot more than I expected about the Racer family. Nobody overplayed or underplayed their parts, all the actors did a great job and to imagine that most, if not all, the acting was done on blue or green screens. The movie is a master’s piece all of its own, forget The Matrix, this goes beyond The Matrix.

Not many movies, Iron Man included, have the ability to keep my attention through every single scene. I know for a fact I went to the restroom at least once during Iron Main, but there was no way in the world I could leave the theater while watching SPEED RACER. Too much color? Maybe for anyone who does not have ADHD, but if you have ADHD, then prepare for a feast like none other than you have ever had. The driving scenes are out of this world! If you expect realism, then you will be disappointed; however, if you go into this movie realizing that it is the product of an animated cartoon series ,which was never meant to be taken, or even remotely considered, as real, well then, you won’t be disappointed.  

The problem with the movie, for many reviewers, comes down to the fact that the movie is supposedly too improbable, too self involved and has too much color. I wonder though, were those reviewers ever kids and do they know what the definition of animation and cartoons are? Someone send them a memo and for heaven’s sake, if they can’t review the movie for what it is, and not for what they want it to be, then review something else.

Okay, not everyone is going to appreciate this movie as much as I do, but I would love to hear from our fellow ADDers and what y’all thought of it. (short spoiler) One of the best parts is when Speed Racer is in elementary school and totally ignores his teachers and school work, doing nothing but racing cars in his mind and drawing cars on his exam papers! Okay, I am not saying Speed Racer has ADHD, but C’mon! And while you are watching it, remember what I have been writing about concerning mentorships.


~Bryan ~ out…