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Choosing the right laptop notebook for me ASUS F8VA-B1 and exploring impulsive nature of ADHD


Not long ago I was openly thinking of which laptop I wanted to purchase. Thankfully, after much research and consideration I decided on the right laptop for me. I have decided on the ASUS F8VA-B1, a complete departure from my original ‘feelings’.

I had seen ASUS on store shelves, and yet never gave them a close look. Recently that changed and the reason for that change is actually rather simple: what I wanted on impulse and pure feelings was not available and therefore, while I impatiently waited for it, I started to fill time visiting local and online stores and began fiddling around with the other laptops that were offered. 

Sometimes it is a very good thing that what I start out wanting on impulse and pure feelings isn’t always directly obtainable. I cannot count the number of times I have been ‘fortunate’ this way. I write all the time about how impulsive and reactive decisions affect those of us with ADHD. In my book I especially wrote about a reactive decision that my mother assisted me with, if she had not fortunately helped me change my mind I would not have seen my Grandfather one last time before he passed away – that situation is clearly more significant; however, it presents very well the spontaneously impulsive dilemmas that we ADDers live with daily. 

Before I had the ‘time’ to research my purchase more thoroughly I was simply going to buy a laptop that fulfilled my ‘feelings’. Not very practical – right? The ASUS F8VA-B1 offers everything I am looking for (which btw I did not know I was looking for) and within my price range of under $1500.00! I want a comfortably sized portable laptop that can be used as an all purpose computer when I am away from home. I also need a laptop with global warranty so I can get it fixed when traveling (didn’t think about that previously either). ASUS offers this and what’s more it comes with an external mouse and a traveling case which saves me even more money. Recently I was traveling and spent some very boring hours in the evenings just watching TV in hotels. I could have been playing games online with a friend who was available on the other side of the world. The ASUS F8VA-B1 can manage just about any games and comes with a gig of dedicated graphics memory.

The main purpose is to be able to continue writing my new book “The Life and Times of Commander Mart” anywhere I get comfortable in my home or in cafés etc… With the ASUS F8VA-B1 I will be able to fulfill the main purpose and so many other purposes I originally did not completely consider. What’s more, is that through researching so many online stores, I came across an online store XoticPC which explained who actually makes laptops and ASUS happens to be one of those companies – thanks to the added information, and services, I also decided to make my purchase with XoticPC – I hope to have my new laptop very soon.

Once my ASUS laptop gets here and I have had some time to actually use it, I will present a review of it and how it fits into my wants and needs. The other laptops I considered are all also very good laptops, but ASUS is the only one that has everything I didn’t know I needed at a price I am willing to pay.

Have you been in ‘fortunate’ situations in which you were not able to be impulsive and because of that things worked out better for you? Please feel free to comment with your examples of ‘fortunate’ situations which worked out better by not being allowed to be impulsive.


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