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Win a free prize – A competition for ADDer World Members

Being a member of ADDer World has its perks.

You can become a member HERE.

We are going to have us a little competition starting 25 Aug 08 – 25 Sept 08. The member who refers the most new members in that time will win a one of a kind prize! The prize is a signed book by yours truly; it is not available anywhere else as it is a one of a kind version!  


Are you game? Got what it takes?

New members who are ‘referred’ by another member will have the option, when signing up, to put the name of who referred them – this is how we will keep track. This option will not be available until the 25th of August. New members can also join the competition, as it is open to ALL members. If you are not currently an official member, the sooner you join the more time you will have to refer people.

Here are some very simple rules:

  • New referred members will need to put the name of the person who referred them in the box I will make available for them when they sign up.
  • All new referred members must fill out their ‘about’ area and upload a ‘profile’ picture. The profile picture must not necessarily be an image of him or her.
  • All new referred members should genuinely have a connection to ADHD.
  • You must not personally know all new referred members. If you advertise to gain members through an ADHD website or forum please be sure that you clearly let them know to use your ADDer World user name as the referrer.
  • There is a way to monitor if members are repeats. We trust all participants so please be fair.

There is a second place prize to be announced!

The winners will be announced 26 September 08!

Competition STARTS: 25 AUG 08


You’ve got what it takes!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to list them below in the comments section. 

Thanks and start your engines!