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November, 19, 2008

In May of this year I started a community website called ADDer World. Today we have 299 members’ with people joining nearly every day. Very special members all related to ADHD in some way, some directly and some related, or, are friends of someone with ADHD. ADDer World has also attracted some of the most prominent members of the ADHD global community. Not too many free online fully interactive community websites have such a rich membership roster of Adult ADDers, Educators, Coaches, Doctors, Authors, Parents, Journalists, bloggers and people who care with every ounce of their being!

We are currently discussing such topics as Vyvanse and other ADHD medication, Isolation, Adult topics, Intuition, Undiagnosed ADHD and many other topics. All members can talk via both an open and private email system and create their very own unique webpage, it’s extremely easy and fun! If you are a fellow blogger, you can include your RSS feed on your unique webpage and we have a blogger of the month which is posted to the front page. We also have a competition going on which gives members a chance to WIN a FREE copy of my new book which will be published in the Spring! If you are an Author you can post pictures and reviews of your book on your webpage. It’s also likely that I might review your book here on my personal blog. 

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