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How to quit smoking if you have ADHD?

Quit Smoking


I have only wanted to quit since shortly after I started, but I don’t seem to have the will power to do it. There, I said it!

Well, it seems that I have it tougher than those who do not have ADHD! Yep, that’s what a new research study has shown. You can read about it HERE.

I agree with the study in that I do feel calmer and more focused while smoking a cigarette. I won’t mention which brand, but some call it the cowboy killer, but I am not a cowboy so I am probably out of the woods on that title — not!

Anyway, I focus better and think clearer while smoking. However, I am not sure if it is the fact that smoking cigarettes releases dopamine or the fact that my body is craving nicotine. Maybe it’s both. Truth about that is that I wouldn’t crave nicotine if I never started to smoke in the first place! If you haven’t started this habit – don’t! I wish I hadn’t.

It is my goal to quit smoking within the next year. The problem is, I very much enjoy smoking and I don’t want to enjoy it and I do feel better for short periods while smoking. So, what I need to do is find a replacement which is healthier. Maybe nicotine gum is the ticket, but I think if cigarettes really do help me focus I will more likely be drawn back to them. I don’t want to die from cancer, especially if it is from something I could control… I can control it… right?

I have a couple questions for anyone reading this that has ADHD and either currently smokes or gave up smoking.

  • If you have ADHD and have quit smoking do you take medication for your ADHD?
  • If you have ADHD and you have quit smoking – how in the world did you do it?
  • Do nicotine gum or patches really work?
  • If you have ADHD do you feel more focused and clearer headed during and just after smoking a cigarette?

My interest in this is clearly because I want to quit. Maybe I can find some good suggestions through your answers.

Feel free to email me or simply comment below.