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One of our members, Dana, on has come up with a great way of cutting through the, uhm, crap (her word, she’s brave like that) of New Year’s Resolutions:


I am on a roll with finding the most hysterical New Year’s Resolutions for anything or anyone! This one is by far the MOST helpful and interesting of them all! If you have been plagued each new year with making and breaking your list of resolutions, I have found the PERFECT list that will assist you in nailing down the most simplistic list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2009.

First, make your list of your top 10 New Year’s Resolutions. Next, follow this step by step approach to deleting the resolutions that you truly will never follow or that are most likely to fail. Simplify your resolutions by following these steps:

After you listed your 10 resolutions, then:

a. Cross off the ones you’ve tried before, but ditched before January 15th.

b. Then cross off the ones you’re doing for your friends/co-workers/family/partner/etc.

c. Next cross off the ones TV commercials have berated or guilted you into doing.

d. Now cross off the ones you generated by saying, “I should/would/could…”

e. Then cross off the ones you think “your life will be perfect when…”

f. Next cross off the ones you’re doing out of spite, jealousy, anger, hate, or revenge.

g. Now cross off the ones you know your heart is not really into.

h. Then cross off any others that are variable on your mood, hormones, stimulant medication, etc.

i. Now look at your remaining list. If you feel strongly that these resolutions will still be important to you in April when you’re trying to get your tax returns done, you’re on your way to success!

IMPORTANT: If everything on your list is crossed out, you just learned why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work for you. This knowledge is key to breaking the vicious cycle. Pretty cool, huh? Now just think of how much time and energy this little worksheet will save you in years to come. The ultimate resolution making/breaking solution.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ~ Dana ~

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