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B-Calm audio sedation for the ADHD mind – a Review

Having searched the world over, somewhat in vain, for external solutions to help me with ADHD,  I am not the type of person that jumps on any bandwagon which claims to assist or improve the ADHD mind.

With that said:

When I write I like to have music on in the background and sometimes I like to have the TV and even the radio on, all at the same time. You might think that would be distracting. Not for me. Having so much going on actually helps me calm down and focus. If I can get the right buzz of noise going, then I often zone into hyper-focus mode and I got to tell you, I love it when that happens. However, getting the right buzz going is usually a rarity!

Recently, a newer member on ADDer World, our ADHD interactive social website, promoted his B-Calm audio sedation system on his profile page. Intrigued, I checked out his website and read about the system:

Every b-Calm audio system is preloaded with specially designed AudioSedation tracks.  It is the special acoustic formulation of these tracks that works to calm and protect the mental state of the user.

Two things are at work within the AudioSedation sounds

• Expertly crafted acoustic masking signals work to make typically distracting noises unapparent to the user
• Special  live nature recording work to relax and “reboot” the mind, cleaning out the mental confusion and promoting concentration

 “masking signals work to make typically distracting noises unapparent to the user” This particular sentence caught my attention. On my own I have already come to realize that certain background noise (white noise) helps me; therefore, with that in mind, I went ahead and decided I would try it out. 

The B-Calm audio sedation system came in the mail in less than a week and was packaged with instructions, headphones and a nice little aqua blue MP3 Player. Having ADHD I usually skip instructions and that’s what I did. I took out the headphones and MP3 player, put the headphones on and hit play. The MP3 player comes preloaded with 3 tracks, Summer Forest, Spring Rain and Tropical Beach. I chose Tropical Beach and sat back expecting myself to react somehow. After a while of listening and waiting I went ahead and did the dishes, started the laundry machine and cleaned up around the house a bit. After I did that, I was still waiting and nothing was happening. What was supposed to happen? Yes, I was calm, but, with peaceful rhythms who wouldn’t be? Anyway, I sat down and started to write, I knew exactly what I wanted to write and found my words flowing with no added effort – meaning I didn’t get up ten times for more coffee or pace around the living room. I was not distracted!

I didn’t realize it at first, but, after a few minutes into listening to the tracks I had simply started to act and get involved in the things I wanted to get done. I wasn’t distracted by most of the things I am usually distracted by. This was a very interesting experience. The next day I tried it again and it worked again – I have been using this audio system now for a week and am simply amazed by the results!

The B-Calm audio sedation system seems to be marketed for children with ADHD and from the reviews on the website it seems to do that well. Thing is, I am an adult and look forward to writing more posts while listening to the tracks. This system helps put me in closer contact with my inner-self! The sounds seem to put me into a meditative state of clear focus, hyper-focus, if you will.

I am so impressed with this audio system I have decided to send it to my sister. My nephew has ADHD too and I believe this will probably help him while doing his homework and perhaps in the classroom. I will be sure to let you all know how that goes!

Have any of you tried this out?