Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

We can be worthy, we can be proud! Don’t let anyone tell you any different!


I write from a simple, but, powerful premise:

We all have good within us and we all can improve! Together we can overcome our struggles and achieve our goals. I believe we all have something inside of us that drives us forward, something that inherently lets us know that tomorrow is worth it – we might not always be convinced of this, we might not always demonstrate it, but, I believe it is there, within each and every one of us!

I know full well that we face difficulties and certain times can be extremely difficult. However, with proper treatment and support we can overcome. From experience, I can tell you that living in a perpetual belief that there is no hope and using our energy to explain why there is no hope, well, creates a hopeless situation for our self. Find me a person who tells you he can’t and I will show you a person who will not. Show me a person that believes in something and I will show you someone who will find a way!

If you are going to find a way, you must first believe there is a way – write about it and talk about it, find ways to reinforce it. If you’re going to spend your time explaining how you can’t, why you can’t and how you never will, well, that’s another kind of reinforcement, which is just as powerful.  What you have experienced and what you are experiencing are real, both the challenges and the triumphs. The more challenges you have, the more triumphs you can have. However, the more challenges you have may also bring more challenges and less triumphs, because, its natural and easier to give up and give in, especially for people like you and me, with ADHD.

Take a closer look at what you are talking about, writing about and thinking about daily, hourly, even minute by minute, keep a journal of your thoughts and after a while you will discover a pattern – this pattern can reveal amazing things about yourself (if you are willing to see), which may be the result of living with ADHD, but, not necessarily ADHD itself.

The key, I have found, is that if we are talking, writing and thinking progressively negative thoughts, even going so far as to validate them over and over again, in that case take a moment to notice and give credit to this truth. Once I realized I was doing that I made an even more important discovery, the same can work in the other direction of positivity. Start talking, writing and thinking in a more optimistic manner, even if it feels weird and awkward at first, don’t worry about that, just keep on. It’s not magic, but, for those who keep at it, it may seem like magic.

This technique is not a cure for the symptoms of ADHD – however, it can put the power back in your court to make positive differences. One of the easiest ways to start is by helping others, encouraging others, giving positive feedback, reference and care to others. The ADDer World ADHD Social Network is a good place to start and you can find a local community support group too.

Start a journal.


PS: Have you started a journal? I am interested in hearing about how it has served or helped you. What success have you had with it and why do you think that is? What does your journal tell you about your thoughts and beliefs? Feel free to comment with your answers or send me a short note.