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So many ideas! What to do with them?

Do you ever have so many ideas, thoughts and inspirations going on in your head you just feel dizzy from all of them? Sometimes I feel like a computer hooked up to a whole network of other alien computers, which are giving me ideas from all across the nodes. I call them alien computers, because, to be quite honest about it, some of the ideas make me shake my head and wonder “where did that idea come from?” That used to drive me crazy. But since writing my blogs, books and now eBooks I have found ways to get those thoughts out of my head and into forms I can ‘see’ them, work with them and share them.  

Does your mind do that? – send you ideas constantly, one after the other and it leaves you rolling, wondering what to do with all of them? I was reading a blog post by voodoo about feeling loopy and I agree with him in that I hate it when I forget an idea! I have found all of my ideas to be valuable to me, even if some of them don’t make any sense when I first have the idea. I like to write it down or voice record it, but if I forget, it drives me crazy for quite a while. Sometimes, if Joan and I are driving somewhere, I tell her the idea. She never seems to forget a thing – thank goodness (or not, depending)!

I learned a while ago not to take my ideas for granted. I think that is true for all of us. I have had some award winning ideas which have actually won high honors and awards, not just a figure of speech, and I still don’t know where they came from (the ideas, or, maybe I do…)! Some of them I would have discounted and set aside or just forgot about them, if I didn’t have an outlet. The thing about it is that I study and research a lot, when I get super focused on an idea or subject I read everything I can find on it, and as I explained in my book, One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir, I don’t usually compute that information for days or for weeks, but suddenly I will wake up and it all makes sense to me – my kind of sense and I can then swiftly start making use of that information. This really hurt me in school because if certain knowledge was required the next day after studying, I would find myself grasping and then a week later the light would go on. That’s frustrating as all get-out! With the types of outlets I have now a days, it usually doesn’t take me nearly as long for that light to go on.  Can you relate?

The eBooks I have started giving away lately are a product of too much information for a short or not so short blog post (my posts can go on for a while, sometimes, as you may have noticed). What I mean is, I get the idea and I want to blog about it and I realize that it is way too long for a single blog post, but I write it out anyway, save it and set it aside. It was when I was creating the promotional eBook for my websites and books,  that I realized there is a format I could use for the articles that were too long for a single blog post! Free eBooks! WOOT! I don’t like doing blog post series, because sometimes I forget about them and never finish the series and that’s just not cool! And there you have it, the last 3 free eBooks I have put together for you are products of too much information for a single blog post, but there’s something about them I like even better than blog posts, they are easier for readers to share and pass around!

Do you have an outlet for your ideas? Can you relate to having so many ideas going on up there that you don’t know what to do with them all? Are they being taken advantage of or just flowing through like a river?


PS: Here are the 4 eBooks I have recently released, the 4th one down is a promotional eBook.

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