Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

Who doesn’t want to fall in love forever?

Just a fantasy?

Who doesn’t want to fall in love forever? Who doesn’t want to meet that perfect person, that person who makes us feel whole, that person who makes us feel wonderful and beautiful?

Who doesn’t want to meet that person, you know who I am talking about, that person who understands who we are inside, who understands our ways of doing things, who understands the whys, the how’s and the frustrations, the temptations and the never ending contemplations?!

Who doesn’t? Who doesn’t want to meet that perfect, accepting person?

Out there, in the word, somewhere, that person is there, looking too, for acceptance, understanding and compassion, sympathy and reliability. We believe that, we have to – if we don’t – what else is there? Nothing else seems to matter, but then…

What is it that we are really looking for?

What is that drive which continues us forth on our never ending search?

Is it love? Really, true love?

Is it?

Or, is it consideration? That would be nice, yes, indeed. Or, is it acceptance? Are we looking for someone who makes us feel alive, gives us a feeling that we are someone of substance, more than just a fanciful delight – more than an amusement? More than just another moment in time?

What is it? What is it that we are looking for?


What is quality? We are not to be purchased. There is no price!

 Or, is quality really just another way of describing character? Is it character we are searching for? It could be. Or, maybe, we just want to be held, tightly, fully, for as long as we need to be?


Ah yes, to feel secure. But, there’s something more, must, just has to be, something, something, so, much, more!

Have you ever felt that you are someone special, someone of substance and character – someone of value to be treasured, respected? Have you ever felt…


Ah, yes, indeed, that is the word I was looking for. Significant!

In the heat of passion, in the fever that makes ice melt and rocks burn there’s something more, something which holds everything together, something no monetary value will ever be placed upon, it cannot be purchased. In the night, when the lights have been dimmed and the touch is more important than the sight, we know what we have and we can feel the steam rising all around us like a cloud lifting our spirit to a crescendo.

Ah, but in the morning when the sun rises in the east and our eyes open with anticipation, nobody is there… we are alone.


Significance is something no one can give us. No, no one can give it to us. No one can make us worthy. No one can make us who we are. No one can make us beautiful, no one can make us smart, no one can make us valuable, no one can make us special. We are who we are.

True love is not a person, it is not a coupling. True love is when we value ourselves, when we find substance from within for who we are without the words of another to measure us. When we feel significant from within, an acceptance for our positives, negatives and all that roams between, the value of self is above reproach and above another’s quantification.

When we are valued from within, passion from another will not trap us. When we feel significant from within, whims from another will not own us. The next whirlwind is not the answer. The next sparkling, ever so shiny smile holds not the treasure of a thousand years which have duly waited for you.

No, truly, my friend, you have significance already. Your quality is beyond measure. You are all that you require to feel whole and complete.

You are significant, because, we are more than the sum of our needs, wantings and yearnings. We are people with heart and soul, with love and grace, with compassion and raison d’être enough for self first.

Love self first and passion cannot rule us from the perch of another’s whim. Then, when love comes, when it delivers itself in a costume of unassuming modesty, without a shiny smile or fanciful chaos, it can only then be appreciated as the brightest and most, utterly priceless shiny of all!

Of course, that’s just me thinking, as I tend to think… my ADDer perspective…

When the rain drops fall, don’t cry – oh no, please don’t. When the clouds form, don’t run for cover – oh, please, the shelter is within, hold me tightly, share the pain. When the sun rises, in our home, beneath our roof, within our shell, is the love of a lifetime waiting to break free!

In the chilled, crisp morning air, as the dawn breaks free, it breathes new life – for you, for me. The love of a lifetime. The treasure of a million years, the belief that there is good, because, there is good, indeed! – Value and respect. YOU! 

The dawn is breaking free, the mask falls away, the rare heart, hidden so long, bleeding no longer, is here to be seen, to be heard, to be held, to be…

L o v e d