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Aim for the Stars! Dream your Dream Anew

Le Petit Prince

There’s a saying: “Aim for the stars and reach for the moon.”

Did you know that when the moon makes its way around the earth it gets closer and further away as it travels in an ellipse. At the moon’s closest point to us it is 225,622 miles away and at its furthest it is something like, well, 252,088 miles away.

Reaching for the moon was an impossibility in the not too distant past for all of mankind, but aiming for the stars has never been impossible for anyone, not for you and not for me.

Have you ever dreamed a dream? It’s like aiming for the stars. It’s not about getting there. It’s never been about getting there. Some people reach their dream, but when they get there they suddenly find themselves lost and confused. They relish the fact that they have achieved the impossible and made it possible, but still, soon comes the feeling that something is missing.

What do dreamers do when they have reached their dream? They dream a new dream, one that is even further away, even harder to acquire and even more unbelievable.

That’s what dreamers do.

It’s not about getting there; it has never been about getting there. It’s about aiming for the stars and visiting each moon along the way, the pain of striving each and every day is what brings the glory of aiming for something so far out of reach.

If you take away someone’s dream, you leave them with confusion, loss and misery. Life is about having a dream and doing anything and everything possible to reach that dream.

Dream a fantastical dream and aim for it! You’ve got nothing to lose, because, it’s not a matter of actually reaching it. When you ‘get’ that, then you understand why you can never stop a dreamer no matter what is put in their way, no matter how difficult the journey becomes, no matter who says it can’t be done and no matter how painful it is. As a matter of fact, those things are the wind beneath the wings of dreaming, without which there would be no stars worth aiming for.

Dream a dream, the bigger the better.

Now go and get it, but remember, if it’s a worthy dream it’s going to be difficult, darn near impossible in fact and its going to bring more pain and sorrow than you have ever known. And yet, it’s also going to bring hope and pleasures unlike you have ever known too. Each step, no matter how small or large, that you achieve in the direction of your dream is what it is all about.

When you have had enough and you are ready to give up on your dream, but you just can’t find it within yourself to give up on it, that’s when you know you are truly dreaming the right dream for you. With the right dream you will never give up, you will always strive for it, even when you think you have given up on it. With the right dream you will cry tears of pain and tears of joy and at times you will do one of them more than the other.

That’s what I believe.