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Adult ADHD can be Sexy Special Announcements and Release Info

Above is a quick iphone snapshot of the front and back cover of my new book Adult ADHD can be Sexy. The book is not yet available for purchase. At the moment I am considering when that date will be. The photo is only a proof copy, once I send it back approved, then I will have a firmer release date in mind. Soon, my dear friends, soon.

Waiting is a very difficult thing for me to do, because I am extremely excited about this book, perhaps more so than any other release of my books. Adult ADHD can be Sexy is like no other book you, or anyone else has ever read about ADHD – I can pretty much guarantee you of that! I have written about subjects and situations that are so sensitive (at least in my opinion) that I have added a warning / disclaimer to it. Therefore, be warned that if you decide to read it, there will be an agreement between you and me. I do not try to appease anyone in this book; I tell it like I see it and have lived it. This book is about real life experiences, emotions, feelings, relationships, love and oh yes, sexiness too.

On our ADDer World Social Network we have a current contest for 13 signed copies I am giving away of Adult ADHD can be Sexy. It is a referral contest. There is still time to be included, so please check it out if you are interested. Also, for the sheer fun and anticipation of it, I will randomly give 1 FREE copy to one of the commenter’s of this post! That’s even easier, all you have to do is comment on this post and perhaps you will win a copy – someone will, so why not you? In addition I am looking for 5 people who will review Adult ADHD can be Sexy. You can contact me directly about this possibility by private messaging me on our ADDer World Network. Only 5 people will be selected and I have been contacted already by interested people, it is necessary though that anyone contacting me is serious about reviewing it.

A very special thanks to readers who helped us pick out the photos that are presented in the book!  Also a very special thanks to Catalina Magee. The photography is by Catalina Magee and when I presented her with her copy the other day I was very, very nervous, because if she didn’t like the book she may have decided not to be a part of it. She devoured nearly the entire book (approx 300 pages) in one night. I am so relieved to inform you that she absolutely loves the book! Whew! Hey, this book means a lot to me and having Catalina’s photos in it are a valuable contribution to it.
Dr. Nancy Irwin, thank you too for your valuable input, it is an honor to have your endorsement on the cover.
I also want to mention that this book has a very special forward written by my loving, ever helpful and beautiful wife, Joan Faith. I love Joan so much and without her input and assistance this book would never have been completed. Having a helpful, nurturing and caring spouse can be invaluable, let me tell you.
So, what’cha think?

Hope you are excited! Please help spread the word 🙂


(Dr. Irwin is a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, a member of the Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and sits on the Education Committee of the California Coalition on Sexual Offending.)