Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

Recent Book Reviews: ADD ADHD Life Memoir

It is not a trivial thing to review a book you have enjoyed. It does my heart well and I continue to be touched deeply by what readers are taking from my first book. As time continues to move forward, as I write and publish more books, in true ADDer fashion I tend to worry more and more about the inexperienced writing of the first book I wrote. However, readers continue to validate that which I have shared with the world. It does my heart and soul good to know that my story continues to be of meaning to so many. Special thanks to my readers everywhere. You’ve done more for me than I could ever do for you.

Recent reviews of One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir – Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD:


As an ADDer myself, I have read several books about this disorder to learn more about it. But I found that Bryan’s memoir is unique in its kind. While other books of similar theme usually told the life of an ADDer from a professional point of view with short, partial stories of several patients, Bryan’s memoir presents a complete, unabridged, and exclusive insight into an ADDer’s life and mind. And this is the kind of book that I need. As I read it page by page, I was stunned to learn the striking similarities between us. It ranges all the way from how we daydream (spontaneous, vivid, almost like watching a movie), how we, when finally get something we long for, get confused about what to do with it, how we learn things, inconsistently achieving, the depression, the frustations, the many talents, down to our unlikely sense of fashion. I couldn’t help thinking that we are actually twins, except that he was born five years earlier, of different origin, and that he had harsher life than mine. Fortunately for Bryan, he managed to slip to the other side, where everything is brighter and better.

There are two important messages that Bryan conveys in this book: first, that parents or educators should never give up on a child, at any cost; and second, which is I believe is addressed to those with ADD, is that no matter how wrecked your life is, you can always rebuild it again. The latter is particularly important for me, because, though my `physical’ life is relatively convenient, I struggle the same. His life experience had me realised that I, too, can be on the other side one day, where everything is brighter and better.

Another part of the book that deserve commend is the poem by Joan. It is beautifully composed, smartly capturing Bryan’s self as well as encouraging him to keep on. The poem ensures the reader that Bryan is happily moving on with his life, complete with his ADD intact. Such a sweet closing to the book.

Bryan’s endeavour to reveal his life is not in vain. Anyone dealing with ADD, directly or indirectly, MUST read it, so they can hold their thought before the discouraging words such as `stupid’ or `lazy’ leaped out from the mouth. It has helped me understand myself, it gives me assurance that I can achieve despite my ADD. He is my hero.

By Riri.

Excellent practical memoir.

As someone attempting to figure out what are ADD symptoms and what are something else, this was a fantastic book. Like the author, I understand things best when I read others’ stories. Particularly in the case of things like ADD, most of the technical literature doesn’t give you any sense of what ADD is and how to cope with it. The author has a solid sense of who he is and how his life was influenced by ADD and also, how it was influenced by other things. Also, being older, he has perspective on his life and has fully experienced the negativity of those who dislike that he thinks differently. All of this makes it a very useful book.

He does indeed have an optimistic take of sorts, but only towards the end as he’s past telling his life story and more into an overview of what has happened and what he’s taken from it and how he’s succeeded. Thus, the optimism is appropriate.

One caveat – the writing is not perfect. The sentence structure can be a little choppy and there are little errors here and there – it throws some people off and so I mention it.


All adults with ADHD and every parent, teacher and health care provider should Read this book!

There are an incredible number of books available about ADHD, far more than could ever be read by any one person. I have read numerous. If you are going to read 1 book about ADHD, THIS IS IT! At first, I was confused by the writing style, because it was more like Bryan was talking to and with me, not at me or over me. After I finished reading, I sincerely felt as though I have known Bryan all of my life. Have you ever read a book that has given you such a feeling about the author? It’s rare and real.

Although Bryan’s book has moments of profound sorrow and some moments which took me back into my own past, overall, somehow Bryan manages to stay upbeat with a positive attitude that never loses momentum. It will carry you from beginning to end, for this reason and many others, I have read One Boy’s Struggle several times now and know I will read it again and again. Tears came to my eyes thinking about how I felt for Bryan through his ordeals. This book above any other, you will feel what you read, as other reviewers have already pointed out too. What’s more about this book is that Bryan doesn’t simply tell his story, he explains how he coped, what he learned and shares with us how we too can overcome and triumph and get better although the statistics say we can’t.

It took a lot of courage and compassion for Bryan to write his story. I hope every adult and teen with ADHD reads it, moreover this book should be standard issue for every parent, teacher and health care provider that in anyway deals with a child with ADHD. I requested this book for our local library and since it came in, it has never stayed on the shelf.

By Sally

I was moved to tears.

This is the story of a real mensch, a hero, a very special person with an incredible strength. The tenacity, the bravery, the courage, and the perseverance are absolutely stunning. I was moved to tears by his story. I come from family where there was abuse, I grew up undiagnosed myself. I strongly recommend anyone, who has any kind of challenge to read this book, whether you have ADHD, some other disorder, physical disability or a combination there of.

By Sarah Gogstetter


As a therapist who treats many ADHD patients, I can tell you what a real find this book is. Simple, raw, inspiring. ADHD can be a blessing, not a curse. This books gives such hope for millions who have felt pain, humiliation, or just lost; it assures them they, too, can find a path for healing and joy in the celebration of living.

It’s one of those books every therapist will want to have in their library to refer to patients. Thank you, Bryan!

By Dr. Nancy B. Irwin

Now I understand,

This book was incredible. Bryan’s story was almost identical to mine and he answered questions I’ve had about myself and my life that I’ve struggled with for years. He explained the why’s of what somone with ADD does what they do and how they see, compensate and navigate through the world. This book was an extremely emotional read for me but left me with a very positive outlook and ideas on what steps to take to improve my life. A must read for anyone with or related to someone with ADD.


~~ Thank you so much ~~ Bryan