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Permission to Proceed by David Giwerc an ADHD book Review

Change isn’t easy, not really, not for anyone, but especially not for people with ADHD. In David Giwerc’s new book Permission to Proceed David shows how change by cultivating healthy habits is possible, even for those of us with ADHD.

David Giwerc is a master certified coach, president and founder of the ADD coach academy. He knows a thing or two about helping people with ADHD become better equipped to manage the daily life of living in a non-ADHD world.

I highly enjoyed reading Permission to Proceed from start to finish and what I liked most about it was how David shares with us his personal stories along the way. You’ll want to read this book to get a better understanding of how someone like David, with ADHD, becomes not only a master coach, but also a leader and a person deserving of respect and admiration, which are not things we read much about when it comes to people with ADHD. There is an unfortunate stigma about ADHD that people are doomed to failure or that something ‘bad’ is always going to happen to them and most of us learn to expect this.

The key to managing our lives and creating better tomorrows isn’t effort alone, especially not with ADHD – no, it’s about the right effort, in the right ways and with the right state-of-mind. David’s book shows us the way. Don’t miss it.