Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

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Every Day is an Opportunity for Thoughtfulness, Even If You Have ADHD!

Too often I read about someone who hasn’t lived up to their own expectations, much less the expectations of others and hence feels horrible about themselves. That’s normal and natural to feel that way, but there’s a way to change it, even for those of us with ADHD. Allow me to share a simple, nearly effortless way.

Every Day! There is an opportunity for thoughtfulness:

  • Take a moment, only a mere moment, to look over, text, call or leave a note for your spouse or partner with just a few simple words “I love you.”
  • In retail stores it is the cashier’s job to say thank you and have a nice day and I bet most really mean it. Consider taking only a moment of thoughtfulness and return the salutation. He’s human too. And you might just make his day.
  • Maybe you will be at the beach today (if so, lucky you!) take a moment to spot the lifeguard and simply say “Thank you” No need to say for what, it’s a given, but the thank you itself isn’t until someone actually gives it. Be that someone.
  • The hard working florist sells flowers all day long. The next time you buy a bouquet, take one flower away from the bouquet and give it back to the florist and say “This one is for you, because you have created such a beautiful arrangement. Thank you.”

Thoughtfulness is easy, practically effortless and can become a habit. It’s one of the simplest, surest ways to becoming Happy Every Day! No, we do not need to do everything right and we will still have our goof-ups. But you know, the more we take advantage of moments of thoughtfulness the more aware we become of not only how good we can be, but how wonderful we already are.
Sometimes improving quality of life can seem an overwhelming journey to embark on, but when we break it down everything comes down to moments in time. Thoughtful moments. In today’s world such thoughtful moments have become rare, people are in a hurry (not just people with ADHD) and their remarks are not typically kind or thoughtful. Most people may genuinely be caught by surprise by any kindness shown to them. But that’s okay.
Think about it, it’s kind of hard to put ourselves down or think less of ourselves when we take advantage of such moments. Just one moment of thoughtfulness a day, or in a week even, and that’s enough to get anyone started. I know someone, somewhere will appreciate it. Better yet, it’s free and not required of you. Just do it whenever it comes to mind and soon you may notice such opportunities (and other similar opportunities) more often. And remember, appreciation is reciprocal, especially when it doesn’t have to be.
If you would like to take this a step further, keep a journal of the moments of thoughtfulness you start taking. How many times did you say “thank you” and really mean it? How many times did you say “I really appreciate you”? Notate those moments and smile, because you deserve it.
Thank you for reading this!