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How to Use Rewards to Your Advantage If You Have ADHD

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If you have ADHD then you are probably familiar with the fact that incentives such as rewards help us focus and accomplish tasks. But have you considered using these incentives as an advantage?

What excites you, what enthralls you and what motivates you? Take note of those things. They are important.

Usually we reap rewards for accomplishing something, but the experience is too fleeting. We don’t take the time to bask in the reward and take note of it.

Here are a few examples of what I mean…

Is your desk covered with clutter? Have you ever cleaned it and put it in such an organized order that made you feel comfortable and proud of its appearance? If so, consider how that felt, really think about that a moment and take it in.

Have you ever cleaned out your car, gave it a tune up and went on a joy ride afterward, happy it was clean and somehow your car felt ‘new’? If so, think about that for a few moments, reflect on your hands holding the steering wheel, you’re smiling and enjoying the smooth, pleasant ride.

Maybe you can think of something else. Consider a moment that you were rewarded for your efforts simply because of the result.

In my experience when I can put myself into the moment of how I felt after accomplishing something I realize that is my true reward and by absorbing myself in that feeling it helps me accomplish the task again and again.

But, here’s the hard part, stopping to smell the coffee. It is critical to take in the moment of accomplishment and acknowledge the results (the reward).

Try it. You might like it. And, more importantly, it just might work.


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