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Wrecked by Jeff Goins – An ADDer’s Book Review

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I rarely write reviews for books on ADDer World that are not related to ADD / ADHD in some way, and yet while reading Wrecked by Jeff Goins, I kept being reminded of my own personal experiences with both failure and success and what I have learned from both.

The more I read it, the more I realize that Goins is stating something I’ve come to learn about life that is critically important. Too often we get wrecked and we allow the situation(s) to not only bring us down, but also keep us there.

However, sometimes the only way up is to have fallen. To have been wrecked!

How does Wrecked relate to ADHD?

Quite simply, we get wrecked all of the time, almost daily, but as in my case I did not consider embracing my failures and using them for the lessons they taught me. 

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with ADHD, and finally understood the reason for my behaviors, before I could look back and have those “Ah-ha!” moments.

The shame began to fade and clarity started to take its place. I admit that it was too easy to become embarrassed and ashamed of my failures and I all too often asked myself “WHY ME?”

Why not me?

What makes me so special that I shouldn’t fail or that I shouldn’t make mistakes?

We all do. And, of course, those of us with ADHD have more than our fair share.

The problem I had was that I would stay focused on my problems and curse the fact that life wasn’t fair, without ever taking into consideration that perhaps there’s some good I can learn from my failures and finally get back up and clean off the gravel and dirt and do something worthwhile.

ADHD is serious business and it takes not only work, but real strategies to manage the symptoms. Wrecked is not a book on strategies or how-to’s per se (although, you might find that it is), it seems to me Goins is asking us to look at things that have gone wrong, sometimes terribly wrong, differently.

What can we learn? What value can we derive from our failures, our mistakes and our setbacks, and sometimes from unfortunate circumstances over which we have no control?

Wrecked is a thought provoking read, so much so that it may need to be read several times and at least for me, the more I read it, the more inspired, hopeful and energized I become.

In every situation and experience, good and bad, there’s always something from which to learn and grow.

But (and there’s a big BUT) are we going to slow down enough to deliberately take time for self-reflection?

Stop and smell the roses!

It’s more difficult than it may seem, and is another reason why Wrecked is an excellent book, because in order to reflect clearly we must put aside our frustrations, doubts and dissapointments so that our view is not clouded with hightened negative emotions.

Not easy, I know. But it is possible and perhaps necessary.

Sometimes good can come from bad, or, from being Wrecked! (Click Here to tweet that, if you like.)

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Think of a setback you’ve had, what did you learn from it? Share in the comments.


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