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Signs That I Had ADD / ADHD as a Child

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Watch out: Door!

I was frequently distracted around doors. Or rather, I didn’t pay particular attention to doors, which had I paid attention to them it would have saved me a lot of physical pain.

In the 1st grade bathroom I started talking to someone on my way out while my hand was still in the door frame. The door closed and I lost 4 fingernails! That was my first hospital trip thanks to undiagnosed ADD.

Then when I was a little bit older I closed a car door on one of my fingers. Oh, the pain! That one did not result in a hospital trip, but the next door would.

I had a thing for climbing up on the kitchen counter as a small child. That should have been a sign by itself, but of course there was one time that I did not look up to see a cabinet door was open above my head. That was my second hospital trip thanks to a door.

I visited the hospital a lot as a child for absentminded accidents.

“Don’t Know”

My most common answer as a child was “I don’t know!” because I really didn’t know.

I was usually so caught up in my daydreams and distractions that I wasn’t paying enough attention to know.

You know?

It’s all a vicious cycle really. This kind of reminds me of a dog chasing his tail. Why do they do that? It doesn’t matter. They don’t know.

At least, as humans, if we know the answers for our behavior we can usually do something about it. That’s why diagnosis is so important.

Know what I mean? Of course you do. Because, you know. Me too, now.

Share with us in the comments signs that you had ADHD as a child or signs that your child has ADHD.

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