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Children with ADHD Deserve Love, too. Don’t you think?

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ADHD kids are different, because they think and behave differently.

But they are not bad kids.

The world has come to see ADHD as an excuse for bad behavior and this has caused mass misperceptions and serious consequences. Parents are confused, teachers are confused and kids are confused.

That’s why I wrote 7 Crucial Tips for Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD.

Children with ADHD deserve love, too and you know what, with understanding and support these kids can do well.

As many of you know I published this book on Kindle two weeks ago. The details as to why I did that can be read here.

I have to say I was absolutely astounded by the response for this book, in the first 5 day promo it reached the top 200 in the Kindle store and quickly reached #1 in both of its respective categories for children with special needs and child development.

Talk about getting the word out.  Wow.

So today I’d like to shout out my thanks to those who read the book and to those who sent me messages, many sharing their own stories, and those who had time to review it on Amazon.

You all rock.

Here are excerpts from several of the reviews:

“Bryan Hutchinson hits another home run with his book, 7 Crucial Tips. Parents of children with ADHD (and I am one of those parents) will find tips on how to handle various problems that we ADHD families face on a daily basis.” By Terry Matlen, ACSW, Author: “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD”

“Straight to the point with real world applications and understanding of what every child needs, not to mention what children with ADHD need to thrive in this world.” By Dr. Rory F. Stern, Author, “Help Your Child [With ADHD] Succeed”

“Wonderful! This book does not contain the usual mantra of organization and chore charts and preferential classroom seating. This is a book about recognizing the child beneath the ADHD. This book is about understanding the pain that a child with poorly understood ADHD suffers.” By mbtb

“EXCELLENT ADHD RESOURCE!!! I sincerely wish I would have had this excellent resource 17 years ago. What I especially loved about this e-book was that Bryan emphasized the importance of tapping into your child’s and/or students hidden strengths. From a parent’s viewpoint, I can honestly share that in my own experience raising an extremely hyperactive boy, what made such a positive impact on my son’s attitude and academic success was by taking time to discover his God-given gifts.” By Dana A.

“Reading this book, I could not help but think that all parents and teachers should be following these tips for their children. These tips are, as the author says, crucial to helping kids with ADHD, but they really embody a parenting/teaching philosophy that I believe is beneficial for all children.” By D. Clark

“Never have I read something that hits home and helps me understand what my son is living through before reading this book.” By The Mayhak Family

“An Absolute Must Read. Bryan successfully manages to fulfill both the readers need for information and supplies some very valuable tips while avoiding overwhelming them with information. I highly recommend it.” By CeeLee

Tell your story.

This book has really hit home for a lot of people, especially for parents and that’s a wonderful thing, to know you’ve written something others are finding helpful.

Some of the most touching stories sent to me have been from adults with ADHD who have read this book. As much as I share my story, I also love reading your stories. With so many messages coming my way via Facebook, ADDer World and my email accounts, it is not always possible for me to reply to every one, but please know that I am reading them.

I am not a doctor or a therapist. I am just a guy with ADHD who shares his story.

I encourage you to share your story, too.

Again, thank you everyone and although I could not include complete reviews or all of them, feel free to read them all on Amazon or include your own if you’ve read the book.


Are you ready to share your story? It needs to be told, the world needs to know.


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