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Never Lose Another Moment If You Have ADHD

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How many times have you thought to yourself “I wish I could slow down, relax and take in this moment”?

Have you ever had a truly spectacular day you wish would last forever?

But then the next day comes and your back to racing around, trying to keep appointments (being late for most) and before you know it that spectacular day is only a faint memory.

You know it was a great day and yet, the details of what made it so wonderful become hazy and you consider yourself lucky if you can remember anything clear about it.

I know. You have ADHD, so do I.

Memories are something I used to wave at as they raced by.

I often wished I had a large mental net to capture them in, to hold and treasure forever.

Don’t you wish you had such a net?

It turns out we do.

As most of you know by now I am publishing the majority of my previously free eBooks to Kindle. I’ve been working hard on a particular popular one previously titled “How To Be Happy Every Day Even If You Have ADHD” – now titled “Happy Every Day – 25 Realistic Strategies To A Happier More Rewarding Life ” and I am glad I decided to publish this book to Kindle for everyone this time whether they have ADHD or not.

Everyone deserves to be happy, every day.

I am also glad because this book needed to be updated. I always felt it was missing something. I have rewritten many of the strategies and modified others, but I’ve included something else which I think is going to add a much needed factor.

At the end of each strategy I added optional suggestions and ideas for keeping a journal. I have found journaling to be incredibly beneficial for a multitude of reasons (all included in the book), especially remembering special moments in time.

Journaling is so helpful and I think enhances one’s experiences, especially those special days you want to remember forever. I have a 10 minute minimum journaling rule before I go to sleep. I write many things in my journal, but one of the most important is about my day, what I experienced and what I loved about it and putting to rest any negative experiences I had.

By journaling I don’t rely on my memories to keep and treasure experiences.

If you never want to lose another moment, start a journal.

A simple notebook will do. Write about your day. You don’t have to write in it every day, simply have it on your nightstand and write in it whenever you like.

However, my recommendation is to make journaling a personal commitment, be intentional about it. It’s okay to forget and come back to it later, but make a real commitment to reward your experiences by recording them so you’ll never forget them. Life is made up of moments and I don’t want to lose any and I don’t think you do either.

You’re experiences are worth it. Don’t you think? Share in the comments.


PS: This time instead of offering for a limited time free on Kindle, I will send review copies of “Happy Every Day” to those who would like to commit to writing a review. So, if you would like to review the book send me an email. (I might still give it away for free for a limited time on Amazon.)

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