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The Best ADHD Blogs and Top Social Health Makers

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There have been some awards being, well, awarded lately and I’d like to express my thanks to Healthline for choosing ADDer World as one of The Best ADHD Blogs again, and I’d like to thank Dr. Oz’s team over at Sharecare for selecting me as one of their Top Ten Social Health Makers for ADHD.

Both are awesome honors and I sincerely appreciate the recognition.

Speaking of recognition, below is the list of the other winners. I hope you visit their sites and read their work, they all deserve it.


13 Best ADHD Blogs:

    1. The CHADD Leadership Blog
    2.’s ADD/ADHD Blog
    3. A mom’s view of ADHD
    4. ADD Moms
    5. ADDitude Magazine’s ADHD Parenting Blog
    6. Charlotte’s ADHD Web
    7. ADDitude Magazine’s ADHD Expert Blog (Does this mean I’m in this twice?)
    8. Dr. Stephen Ferrari’s Attention Deficit Disorder Blog
    9. ADHD Management
    10. Totally ADD Blog
    11. My ADD/ADHD Blog


Top 10 Social HealthMakers on ADHD:

    1. Charles Parker, DO
    2. Keath Low, MA
    3. Edward Hallowell, MD
    4. Douglas Cootey
    5. Maia Szalavitz
    6. Kelly Babcock
    7. Jennifer Koretsky
    8. Adrienne Ehlert Bashista
    9. Stacey Turis

Congratulations everyone, well deserved! 

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