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The Best Way To Teach Someone With ADHD

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There are many effective ways to teach someone who has ADHD at any age and at any level, but the one I want to talk about today is keeping it Simple and to the point.

What I mean by keeping it simple is to break lessons down to their core and strip all of the unnecessary filler. Unfortunately, a lot of teachers find ways to fill up time with a lot of back story and way too much in the way of details.

At least for me, that becomes tedious and boring.

When I was in class or reading a book, the longer and more detailed the explanations were, the more lost and confused I became.

The confusion really came from me zoning out and going off into my daydreams for more interesting excitement. In class, the teacher would suddenly call on me and I’d be totally lost without a clue.

You lost me at “Once upon a time a long, long time ago…”

I need you to get to the point first, catch my interest and then give me the details that are absolutely necessary before getting to the filler information. Teachers who did that found me excelling in their classes, but teachers who did it backwards found me lost adrift in the Pacific Ocean somewhere.

One of the biggest problems I have had with learning is the reading part.

That’s why when I write books or articles that are intended to impart knowledge that I have learned and found helpful, I keep it to the point and don’t go into details that the reader likely already knows or has heard a zillion times before. I learn best this way.

However, I discovered recently that people with ADHD are not the only ones who appreciate straight to the point lessons. I published “Happy Every Day – Simple, Effective Ways to Better Days” for the mass public and so far it has over 100 reviews on Amazon.

From the reviews and from emails from readers I am receiving “thank you’s” for the straight to the point style of the book, because these readers have finally found tips to happiness that actually work for them. What’s interesting about this is that most of these are coming from people who do not have ADHD, but are tired of all the unnecessary fluff. Who knew?

As you may know I originally wrote and published my new book as “How to be Happy Every Day even if You Have ADHD” and it was written in a style for people who wanted short and to the point ways of finding happiness in their lives. People, like me, who were tired of convoluted explanations that filled up page after page of most books.

It was interesting then, even before publishing the book to Kindle for everyone with or without ADHD, that so many people who did not have ADHD found the book extremely beneficial. I’ve added more to the book since the original, but I still maintained the to-the-point messages.

However, the funny thing about reading some of the reviews is that the brief style of the book has thrown some for a loop because they expected something much longer and drawn out. Why draw something out that doesn’t need to be? Does that really help? It doesn’t help me and it doesn’t help most people with ADHD.

So what I have learned about teaching people with ADHD (and perhaps most other people too) is to keep it simple and to the point. When teachers and authors fill up time and pages with filler all they are doing is losing my interest and sending me into the clouds to fly around and fight aliens as Commander Mart!

But that’s me – what about you? Share in the comments.


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