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The 2 Most Important Announcements (ADHD) This Year

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I am very happy to make one very important announcement and quite sad about another announcement I am also making today. These are the most important announcements I will make this year concerning the work I do in the ADHD community.

Let’s start out with the announcement that makes me (and hopefully you) most happy! Perhaps you remember a little eBook titled “10 Things I Hate about ADHD”? It became one of the most downloaded eBooks about ADHD and by far the most popular book I ever wrote.

It was so popular, it took me by surprise and I had to create a separate email address for those who wanted to contact me about the darned book. I really didn’t think too much about it when I first wrote it, it was just 10 simple jokes that most of us with ADHD could relate to. I didn’t take it that seriously, and I certainly didn’t want anyone else to either. Poking fun, is intended to be just fun. Right? Right. WOW! I feel blessed. And in awe, I mean, I had to wonder how a guy like me could write a book so many people would care about? Crazy. But guess what? I didn’t wake up when I pinched myself!

With so many people enjoying the book I have finally given it the, ahem, attention, it deserves. I wrote a full and complete laugh-out-loud extended version. The new version not only extends on the first 10 relatable jokes, but I also wrote 10 more that I hope you will find just as funny. You’ll have to find out. I tell you what, though, I spent a heck of a lot more time on the book than I expected and put nearly 3 years of my life into it. In truth, the final product might not seem like it took so long and took so much thought, but I’ve learned that anything worthwhile usually seems quite simple after the fact. Don’t you agree? Agian, you’ll have to find out. Or maybe, I just procrastinated. Hmmmm, or both. I’m not telling.

The book is finally on Amazon and you can check it out by going (CLICK) here. If you read it and leave a review on Amazon by the 1st of July, send me a quick email that you reviewed it on Amazon and I’ll enter YOU into a drawing for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. I will give away 3 gift cards, so please do leave a review and send me a short email letting me know at: bryan.hutchinson @

I will draw the 3 names by mid July. If your name is drawn I’ll send your giftcard to the email address you used. I really do hope you get a kick out of the book, and if you don’t, well, don’t kick me (please)! It would be a great help if you could share the news about it, blog it, share this post, talk about it on social networks like Facebook, G+, etc… perhaps even share the cover on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Thanks so much! (Click on the cover picture for the larger version.)

Now for the (sad) second announcement: Over 7 years ago I started a Social Network as a place for people with ADHD to connect and discuss ADHD issues. It was designed as a site for you to realize you are not alone and enjoy discussing issues with others who understood you. Over the years as Facebook became more common for people to hang out and discuss such issues in smaller groups, the ADHD ADDer World social network started to see less discussions and to be quite honest with you, I also started doing other things and not focusing 100% on ADHD. I mean, I could only focus on ADHD so much, just as I am sure you like to do other things as well.

With that said I am closing the ADDer World Social Network portion. This main blog you’re currently reading will remain active, but I will not be updating it on a regular basis. I have had some serious offers from others who want to take over and run the social network section and at the end of the month I will decide if I will close it for good or allow someone else to own it and continue ADHD discussions there.

I hope all of you enjoy the new book and remember, send me the links to your Amazon reviews so I can put your name in the hat! Again, (CLICK) to go see the book on Amazon and decide if you’re interested in reading it. I hope you enjoy it! C’mon, it’s worth it. We all need a good laugh from time to time.

I have loved few things more than my time writing and connecting with the ADHD community. “10 Things I Hate about ADHD, Plus 10 More.

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Special thanks to Rory F. Stern PsyD for writing the foreword.

Update: I have a new book, titled The Wee-Jees. It’s a ghost story.

Best wishes,