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Stardust: An Adder’s review!

  To me, Stardust is the perfect Adder movie! 

I usually avoid movie theaters, either the movies are too long or too boring for my mind, but, every now and then comes along a movie I can sit through and fully enjoy for all the pleasures the movie provides my Adder mind. A good movie is like a fine wine to the mind of an Adder. At least, that’s how I feel about a good movie which keeps me interested, seated and focused. When I was younger it was easier for a movie to keep me engrossed, and unfortunately, with age and supposed wisdom (yes supposed—you be the judge), it takes much more for a movie to catch my attention with both challenge and curiosity. Stardust is that movie and already I know it is a movie I will watch over and over again with unrestrained hyper-focus. I shamelessly bathe in the colors, the story and the beauty of this movie.

Stardust is not a movie everyone will love or care about right away. That may seem a contradiction, but, I assure you it is not. Stardust is a move that challenges the mind in the most complex, yet simplest of manners and therefore it is not difficult for me to understand why I found it so compelling and interesting. Movies which give more each time you watch them are movies for Adders and this is one of those movies. I like a movie that does not take the audience for granted providing cliché’ after cliché. The original Pirates of the Caribbean is the most recent movie I can think of that skipped the cliché’s and created its own niche. Johnny Depp deserves much of the credit for Pirates with his outlandish and interesting portrayal. In Stardust, all of the actresses and actors take part and do their own things, much the way Johnny Depp did in Pirates.

Stardust might very well be too much at once for minds which cannot easily deal with over stimulation, especially younger minds with or without ADD/HD. However, I believe when this movie comes out on DVD it will become one of the most watched movies of all time!

Stardust gets two Adder thumbs up!

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This was fun, I think I might start reviewing movies which catch my interest and create a list of the movies which I found the most interesting and compelling.


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