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The Power of Positive Thinking and Redirection! Part 3

Once you know the whys, then too, you will know the hows and knowing the hows will give you the willpower for thinking positive. A mind which has been set and programmed to think negative must understand why it thinks that way. There is cause and there is effect. Knowing the cause of why you think negative will give you the opportunity to understand and overcome. The mind has an amazing ability to reason and rationalize. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be aware of a thought process’s origin.

I think this important step of understanding origins is a missed step in many programs for positive thinking. The subconscious will not ignore something simply because the conscious mind wants it to. For everything there must be a foundation. A building built without a foundation or on a foundation which does not have the proper structure will eventually tumble. By understanding the past and the foundation of negative thinking, a person is then able to modify the structure for supporting the positive.

Let’s use my past as a short example: As a child who grew up with undiagnosed ADD I had plenty of reasons to consider myself in a negative manner. I was inattentive in school, I had extreme difficulty in starting or finishing projects, I was distant and I ignored friends and so many other issues which are related to ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder is not an excuse; however, it is the reason for my actions as a child. The results of my actions were punishment, chastisement and statements with negative connotations such as lazy and uncaring. I grew up believing those things about myself and they became my foundation.

Not knowing I was an Adder gave me no understanding or reason for the way I behaved. Without that understanding and diagnoses, treatment was a hit and miss. I did find ways to think positive for short periods of time; however, my natural tendencies would eventually surface and I would be forced to face them or try to continue and ignore them. Facing something without knowing what it is, is a very difficult thing to do. Once I was diagnosed and understood what ADD is, I felt liberated and, yes, even vindicated! This was very important. What I had been doing as a child was not deliberate or consciously conceived. I could now go back in my memories and see how well I did even with the undiagnosed condition of ADD. It made any past accomplishments that much more worthy of positive reinforcement! My efforts to think positive finally had a foundation to stand on; I could finally give up the blame and guilt which had been a heavy weight for so very long!

With or without ADD, children in today’s world have great responsibilities and must learn much more than in any other century in the past. There are frequent opportunities for failure and punishment. It is no wonder that negative thinking has become a dominant force in society.

Once your foundation has been reinforced with positive thoughts and understanding, positives will become just as natural to you as negatives were, and as I mentioned before like attracts like. Once your mind becomes accustomed to thinking positive it will attract more positives. It is a law of nature. It is called the Law of Attraction. Knowing this helps explain why negative thinkers stay negative thinkers no matter what efforts they put forth on the present.  Positive thinking brings forth positive action by providing motivation, inspiration and most of all: The knowledge that there is a better future to be had.

Ta da! Welcome to my world—so glad you could join me!

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