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Is Britney Spears done? I don’t think so

Or, is she washed up? Or, has she lost her mind? What’s wrong with her!?!

Those questions, with tons of negative commentary, about Britney Spears seem to be the only headlines, worldwide, on the web the last couple days. I think that says a lot about today’s society. I think it is very sad when people are dying in wars, and our nation seeks out a new president, that the most detailed information is about a pop singer and her woes. Sad indeed!

Who has not read about Britney’s most recent performance in Las Vegas? The media is bashing her and Bloggers are having a field day ridiculing her. It’s really pathetic, and again, I repeat: SAD!

Obviously, Britney’s choices in the last couple years have not been overly wise. It is also obvious that Britney has been through a lot and seems confused. But wait, she’s a millionaire and deserves any humiliation because she chose to be in the public spotlight! Say What??? Does anyone dare put things into perspective when considering a person’s troubled nature? Well, since this is a Blog about Adders and therefore people who have been criticized all of their life, in some fashion or another, I guess this is the perfect place to put things into proper perspective:

Britney Spears has sold over 70 Million albums worldwide! She is the 8th best selling Female Artist in American History, according to the RIAA! She has been performing professionally since the very young age of 9. She is only in her mid 20’s and she has accomplished more than most people ever will in a life time. And you know what? She’s not done—she probably hasn’t even really started yet!

Give the girl a break. I can practically guarantee that none of the Blog writers, mainstream media writers, or any other critics have accomplished nearly as much as Britney Spears, not to mention in the spotlight she has been in since 9. How many 9 year olds can go out there and create a career adults would die for? With such scrutiny and intense focus on her, especially in her private life, it surprises me this didn’t happen earlier. The girl is tougher than she looks, despite divorce, child custody battles and public and professional pressure, it was her Aunt’s death earlier this year that caused her ‘breakdown’. Let’s be real here, when people very close to us die we get sad and often we get temporarily depressed. This is a part of life. Now think for a moment, in those moments of grief, has the world’s spotlight been on you (for the critic’s)? Did the cameras hound your house for a peek of you? If that would be the case, how would you react or get over a death, divorce and custody battle? C’mon the girl has not led a life of anything we consider normal and pressure mounts over the years—the pressure has been mounting on this girl since the age of 9.

There are probably pressures on Britney Spears that the public has no clue about. She hasn’t aired it out, as far as I know.  What kind of pressure made her perform recently and perform in such clothes? Was it a previously signed contract? Was it a mixture of things? Hey, we already know that the recording industry has gone after old ladies for files on computers—it would not surprise me one bit if Britney Spears had no choice but perform. If so, that says a lot about the industry she is in. Besides that, she just had two kids. The girl is probably under a lot of intense pressure we just don’t know about, or, from what I have read, care to know about.

If anything, I think whoever is guiding Britney Spears should rethink the strategy and give the girl a much needed ‘real’ break. She’s already proven what she can do and I am sure, after some time, she can come back better than ever before.