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Positive Thinking part7 post1:

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Positive Thinking part7 post1:        
Removing the roadblock

Removing the roadblock we have created for ourselves is not an easy effort and it requires us to rethink the truth of who we are. The first prerequisite is to get over any blame. Blame won’t help anyone and is just more negativity that will keep us down, inhibit our future.

Recognizing that there is no one to blame, no one to shout at and no one to strike revenge against is the wedge needed to open the door for positive thinking. Even if you think that someone should be blamed for your condition or that you were not diagnosed in time or whatever reason, the person you are hurting the most is yourself.

It took me a while before I actually read the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” and once I did, I started to become conscious of a whole other world out there that I had never been involved in. We Adders can become so lost in our thoughts that we might not see things which are right in front of us. We tend to believe everyone thinks the same thing we do and that our world is the only world. In reality our dreaming nature puts us at a distance from others and our negativity and resentment further distances us. This is a roadblock of thought and is not our true intention.

Enlightenment and insight is the best cure for any Adder! That’s the reason you hear and read about so many Adders suddenly turning to a better life once they are diagnosed. For some reason we need to be told what is wrong with us before we can make steps to overcome our inherent nature.

I read the “Power of Positive Thinking” long before I was officially diagnosed with ADD, but, even so it was a wakeup call that there was another world out there: I world of opportunity, a world of hope. My self-created roadblock was being moved because of this new understanding of myself.

To be continued…


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