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Wife’s support of her Adder – Part 2

Joan in Amsterdam  

Recently, well a while back… a year ago? I can’t remember how far back, but it wasn’t that far back. It was October of last year… I think. Anyway, I try not to ramble on my Blog, but I can’t really remember the exact date. Okay, I will try this again—sometime last year my wife and I took a trip to Amsterdam. It was a fantastic trip and although I have been to Amsterdam a few times I have never actually visited anything of relevance, unless I was having coffee.

My wife is an Art History buff, she loves Art, and she loves History. You get the idea. Being an Adder I get fascinated by the canals and fairly lost finding my way around all those cobblestone streets and alleys. I usually leave Amsterdam having seen nothing of relevance and having no memories worth talking about later. Hrmmmm… you might be wondering about that, but sincerely, I rarely take the time anywhere to see things of value beyond what I can see in front of me. I am the type of person who is always thinking about the next day or yesterday and hardly ever paying attention to today.

Yeah, I know I am an Adder and what I have described is typical and that brings me to what I really want to say: it is AweSomE to have such a supportive wife, who is patient and insures I get to see things I have never really considered before. During our trip to Amsterdam I was actually IN Rembrandt’s house! Yes, I was! And I learned a great deal about him, even if the most interesting thing to me was that he slept in a fairly large closet that had enough room in it for a bed—really, you have got to see that! I also learned how he created his sketches and why he chose certain subjects to paint, even why he created portraits of himself. Yes, he did paint himself. I think he used a mirror. It’s something I would do if I could draw.

Rembrandt’s house was very exciting, but then we went to the Van Gogh museum! Wish we would have taken a taxi to the Van Gogh museum; it was a very long walk, too long! I did not think I would enjoy the Van Gogh museum, but actually, it was very exciting. My wife, being the Art History buff that she is, shared with me her thoughts on Van Gogh’s art. Now, I know what you must be thinking, how boring that sounds… well, my wife can make anything sound interesting. I am serious, it takes a lot to keep me on track and attentive and my wife can do it with ease.

The moral of this article is that we Adder’s have a tendency to take trips, multiple trips to the same place and never see the sites. It’s great to have a wife who supports her Adder husband and insures he takes the time to see more than just the canals and cobblestone streets!


Bryan and Joan in Amsterdam!

Us celebrating our day after taking in so much of Amsterdam!