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Positive ADDer Quote of the week – Robin Williams

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

 “What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.”

Robin Williams

After learning yesterday that Robin Williams has ADHD I decided to look up some of what Robin Williams has said and what he stands for. Oh my! Robin is a very interesting person to say the least and he holds opinions like flags waving high in the wind. And you know what? If you take a closer look into what he really says and what he really means, you get the idea that this man wants to change the world for the better and if comedy helps do that, well then, so much the better!

I can’t help but wonder how early Robin realized he was different than other people around him. As a young man he was very shy and quiet. He did not really come out of his shell until he joined the drama class of his high school and even then he was voted “the most likely not to succeed”! Hey, they gave him an award for that, but even so, you’ve got to imagine that when you are being recognized for something as ridiculous as that, you are still be recognized—you made people notice you, they even stopped whatever they were doing and voted for you! Who’s the laugh on now? –Adders get noticed, it can be an advantage, but it can also be hurtful.

Robin, I think, was given a little more spark of madness than your average Adder, but hey, you’re going to lose it if you don’t use it! Well, maybe not with ADD ADHD… You see ADD and ADHD can be a gift, a gift that can change things, make the world a better place and more importantly a gift which can be used to make people feel good and laugh. Why not—what is so wrong with that? The problem is that modern society is in such denial about ADD ADHD and so strictly structured that it’s hard to be an Adder, even one that stands out, takes the hits and makes others laugh! Can you imagine how it must feel to be voted as someone not to succeed, no sorry, someone the least likely to succeed? Even if it is in jest, it sucks! Adders are sensitive people, we have enough problems without others taking advantage of our traits and pushing us down even further into an abyss of solitude, fear and depression.

Sometimes having ADD ADHD can seem like everything you do and say is wrong and therefore everything else must be right. I don’t know if I buy that fully. I think society determines what is right and that doesn’t necessarily make the traits and doings of Adders wrong. But there are a lot of other traits that come along with being an Adder and sometimes those traits do come off as arrogance and even narcissism, but hey, if you’re wrong anyway… I think it will be a great day when society recognizes that Adders have feelings and what we do isn’t against the system and isn’t an excuse, it’s just another way which isn’t accepted by today’s standards and due to standards becoming more strict and more encompassing, more Adders are being diagnosed each and every day!

Don’t give in—don’t lose your touch of ADD ADHD – your gift – your supposed madness, because that’s why stages were built, for people like you and me! Adders!

“Comedy is acting out optimism.”

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams

Spoken like a true Adder~