Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas time has always been my favorite time of the year. It’s exciting, full of bright colorful lights, music and festivities. But, most of all, Christmas takes me back to my most cherished memories.

Christmas has many different meanings for each and every one of us and those differences are created by our experiences. Feelings, emotions and thoughts all seem to converge at this time of year. Don’t you agree? For better or worse and for happiness or sadness, Christmas brings it all together. I do not know of a more influential time of the year. 

This is my first Christmas message on Adder World and I hope many more are to come. Having a Blog has allowed me an outlet for my thoughts and the capability to hopefully help others and raise awareness about ADD and ADHD. I have been over whelmed by the amount of support and positive comments I have received. Thank you. I can’t say that I expected such positive support and in some cases, from unlikely sources—people I would have never reached or approached before. I did not create Adder World free of worry, I worried a lot about what people would think and say and maybe I still worry to some degree, but with that in mind, I feel like I am doing more, being more of a contributor than ever before.  Thank you for visiting, reading and supporting these efforts. With you, Adder World has more meaning—pure emotions, facts and figures are not a part of the Adder World equations—people are—you are!

I have made it no secret that my life has been wrought with struggles, most of which are due to my ADD mind and the confusion which my behaviors created, especially as a child. However, at this time of year, Christmas time, I have my best memories, some of my most cherished memories, indeed and those wonderfully delightful memories come from my childhood.

“You better watch out, you better be nice…” I was a confounding, confusing child and I probably deserved coal in my stockings, but not at my house! I looked forward to Christmas every year and miss those days more than any other days of my childhood. The nights leading up to Christmas day were always sleepless and I was always so eager for that special day to come. My parents would go all out. I could have the worst grades, I could have broken dishes and gotten into the most ridiculous trouble, but at Christmas time none of that mattered in the least! Not to my parents—they would never let my actions get in the way of celebration.

My fondest memory comes from a time when we lived in Sacramento California. My father took us all out to a restaurant for Christmas dinner and when we left the Christmas tree only had a couple presents underneath it. The tree looked lonely and I felt sorry for it. You know what I mean… don’t you? Well, when we returned guess who had paid us a visit!!! Oh, I know you can’t guess this one!!!

There were thousands and thousands and millions of presents under the tree!!! Oh My Goshness, there were so many presents that the tree literally was being held up by them! The sight was the most exhilarating sight I had ever seen in my young life! I got a GREEN MACHINE OMG!!!! It was so fantastic. It was so fabulous!!! I got my first guitar!

Every year, no matter the situations during the year, my parents went all out and made Christmas so wonderful, but you might be thinking that to me presents were the most important part—well, C’mon, I was a kid you know! Nope, not just the presents at all, it was a time of year for family and we spent our time together, we went out and enjoyed time together, we stayed at home and enjoyed time together and that time was full of love and family.

This Christmas Joan and I spend Christmas together, both of us are away from our brothers and sisters and parents and some are no longer with us. We love each and every one of them and in our hearts and thoughts we are all together!

I can’t wait for Joan to see what I got her and she has a few presents for me under the tree too… can’t wait to open those up! Oh, the sleepless nights just waiting…

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEMay all your dreams come true.