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I am legend – Will Smith – An ADDer’s movie review


This was an amazing movie, absolutely positively amazing. Before I go any further let me just say that if Will Smith doesn’t get an Oscar for his performance then nobody from ’07 deserves one. Yes, yes, I know it’s a sort of horror film, but it’s not really – it is an emotional endeavor to explain how a person deals not only with loss, but to be totally alone with that loss and be defeated over and over again by a seemingly hopeless struggle to find a cure. Yeah, this is an ADDer movie.

Not too many people can pull off a full movie with just their acting alone, but Will Smith does it and I think the only other person who pulled it off was Tom Hanks. Both are incredible actors.

The opening scene is Will Smith’s character racing through the city, hunting! It’s cool and considering the theme, it’s a very ‘alive’ scene. Although we ADDers can be very exciting, this only serves to cloak the fact that we often feel alone.

Will’s only friend is his dog, the love between them is unconditional and free of arguments and disagreements, with the exception that his dog really should not chase after the night zombies. Their relationship is very unique and well acted by both Will Smith and his dog. It is also heartbreaking at times and pulls at you in unexpected ways. Beware of this relationship, because it really brings home the movie and can leave you thinking about it for days. Hyper-focus value is very high, but will probably make you cry. Not saying that I did, nope, not saying that!

The best part of this movie is quite simply the acting and only one person deserves any credit for that and you can guess who. I was enthralled by the movie, but the ending, in my opinion didn’t live up to how well the beginning and middle were set. It seemed to just give up and there is a very good reason for that, but if I tell you then I would be giving it away.

Even thought I was not happy with the ending, that in no way means this was a bad movie. No, no, it is an awesome movie and I had to watch it twice! Regardless that zombies are in the movie, it is not a horror movie and although there are a few moments where you might jump a little, it’s not the scary kind of jump. Actually, these particular zombies have something very interesting about them which I found unique to this movie. You will have to watch it to find out what I mean.

– Awesome movie –

I think ADDers will stay interested all the way through!