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Kevin Wall and the ADHD InSpiRaTion


I wondered who I could write about for this New Year’s article to really highlight ADD ADHD as something viable, something valuable, –something real and something to be, yes, to be cherished. The struggles are real and the stigma can be devastating, but there is so much more to it than that, so much indeed.

Who better to demonstrate the brilliance of human life and the positive abilities ADD ADHD bring to the world and the people it touches?

Enter: K E V I N  W A L L


Kevin Wall has ADHD.

“Kevin is an extraordinary guy,” Al Gore told Fortune magazine. “He has limitless energy and creativity.”

Emmy Award Winner. 
Producer and/or distributer of over 300 Major Live Concerts with:
Al Gore – Madonna – Alicia Keys – Lenny Kravitz – The Police –  Bob Dylan – Eric Clapton – And so, so many more!

Kevin wall has in one way or another produced, distributed and helped create such extraordinary awareness campaigns such as: Live 8, Live AID, Pink Floyd at the Berlin Wall (yes indeed), and concerts to free Nelson Mandela.

Kevin Wall has ADHD.

Kevin Wall’s participation with Al Gore and the LIVE EARTH event was so moving to him, that he even gave up his Mercedes Benz for a hybrid GREEN car!

I have thought about it and I see a correlation between ADD ADHD and these benefit concerts, especially concerts like Live Earth. So many people are in denial that the Earth needs help, that the environment is in danger and we should do something about it. The same goes for ADDers (those with ADD or ADHD), so many people are in denial that ADD ADHD exists, that it can be debilitating which brings with it depression and suffering, or that it can be a creative outlet of magnificent and positive proportions! Awareness and understanding is the key to improving anything.

Kevin Wall is the quintessence of using innate ADHD traits for the betterment of mankind, bringing forth an awareness of what is vitally important to the masses. The Earth’s environment affects all of us and with ADD ADHD diagnosed in a significant portion of the population and millions estimated to be undiagnosed with ADD ADHD; this too affects all of us!

I would love to meet this man, shake his hand and tell him personally what an inspiration he is, not only to me, but really, to the masses, all of us!

How does Wall keep track of all the details? He says it helps that he has ADHD. “I have a hard time micromanaging,” he says, “but I tend to know all the top-line information, and I can connect the dots. That’s a positive attribute of ADHD.” Wall isn’t guessing about his condition; his wife, Susan Smalley, a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, discovered the genes for ADHD.
From an article by Fortune Magazine

“Although ADHD is still classified a disorder because of the challenges individual’s face with it, I’m more convinced everyday that it is a way of thinking and processing the world that is so beneficial to humanity, we must turn our attention to it. – When I met my husband at age 15, I knew I had found my soul mate, the person with whom I would spend my life.”

Dr. Susan Smalley 

Having ADD or ADHD does not mean you are alone, it does not mean you must be lost, it does not mean you cannot succeed or create wonderful things, it does not mean others will not care. You are a human being with value and great talents and traits within you!

Happy New Year’s and Best of all my Wishes!


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