Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

Reviews of “One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir” My ADD ADHD Memoir

Five stars!  

One Boy’s Inspiring Triumph , 01/28/2008 
Reviewer: Katherine

 As an adult recently diagnosed with ADD, I was curious to read about someone else’s experience growing up with undiagnosed ADD. I easily related to many of Bryan’s struggles in school, developing relationships, and with his parents. All the signs were there with me too, but it was easier for others to dismiss my behavior as eccentric and at times frustrating…especially my desire to escape into my own imaginative daydreams. This book is written in a heartwarming, positive tone as though the author himself is relating his inspirational story to a dear friend or loved one. I am still learning to cope with my ADD, and reading Mr. Hutchinson’s book gives me hope that I am not cursed, but indeed blessed in so many ways. 

One Boy’s Struggle , 01/30/2008 
Reviewer: Lisa 

Being diagnosed around 15 years ago I have read many great books on ADD. I have to say this one is different. Bryan tells a easy to follow story, of what it was like to live with ADD and not know why he couldn’t make himself a “normal” kid and later adult. Many books talk about the symptoms, and the things we fail at, Bryan talks about how those symptoms are played out and the feelings that are left behind in your soul. I had to wipe my eyes many times while reading this book, yet he never fails to bring hope to the reader, of a brighter future, no matter how deep the failures. His positive attitude, toward a so called disorder, which is normally thought of as a negative, is inspiring and leads the reader to think about how much more, they too, can be and accomplish. Any parent with a ADD/ADHD child needs to read this book. You owe it too your child to try to understand them and this book is a incredible help for that.

Thanks Lisa and Katherine!

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