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Marijuana treatment for ADD ADHD

I would like to share this article that came up about replacing Ritalin with Marijuana! 

Although I can understand where the researcher is coming from concerning marijuana, I do not agree with this type of therapy for adults and especially not for children. I have personally seen what daily intake of marijuana can do to a person over time and although marijuana is probably beneficial to someone being treated for a terminal and painful disease, it can be terribly destructive to others. I believe there are side effects and dire consequences to daily (Street) marijuana use. Furthermore, many who use it seek harder stuff eventually, not always, but the risk is there – why get anyone started on it at all? That’s just what I think and believe and also believe the research is valuable, but there must be other ways and methods.  

Since I originally posted this article, many things have changed and there is now more research available. I closed the comments on this post; however, this topic is continued on our ADHD Social Network. Here is a direct link to the thread for this topic on Medical Cannabis for ADHD You may post relevant links to research and voice your opinion/experience.