Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

Tara McGillicuddy reviews One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir

Tara McGillicuddy, ADD ADHD Coach and fellow Blogger, has been so kind as to review my book “One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir – Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD“. You can check out her review HERE.

Thank you Tara for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read and review my memoir. She also brings up a very good point in her review, which is important for readers to know and I had not completely realized the extent of before I started getting mail from readers. My book is an emotional account of my years growing up and that emotion seems to be transferable to those who read my book, especially to those who have grown up as I have. I appreciate our connection and to those who do not have ADD or ADHD and are just as moved, I think I can understand that too. My story is not that far removed from any person who has struggled with self identity, school and family and with life as a whole. We are all in this together.