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Paris Hilton helping ADD ADHD kid in video?

I found this video on youtube of Paris Hilton singing “Nothing in this world” to what seems to me to be an ADHD kid who is being bullied and ridiculed.

This is a very interesting video from Paris Hilton and it made me go “hrmmm?” I wonder what the inspiration for this video was? Paris Hilton has Attention Deficit Disorder and everyone who has read my book knows I talk about her and ADD together and my thoughts and observations. I also, of course, talk about myself growing up with undiagnosed ADD daydreaming all the time and getting bad grades in school, also about the ridicule and chastisement I suffered through as an adolescent due to my behaviors… After I watched this video it made me wonder what the inspiration was? By the way, I also sent my book to Paris Hilton, so maybe she has read it?

Seriously, I don’t know what the inspiration was for this video and it probably has nothing to do with me or my book, but there is so much coincidence that I couldn’t help but wonder. Please watch the video and if you have read my book, tell us what you think and if you think I am way off base here??! This is just for kicks and grins, – I am not taking this the least bit serious. I think it’s a wonderful video, but will warn parents that it is probably PG-13, so be warned before watching it. 

Enjoy 🙂


*If you are the copyright owner and did not permit this video to be uploaded to youtube, please let me know and I will remove the video from my site. I mean the notice of coincidence as just coincidence.

*** I just found out this video was created in 2006, or at least posted to youtube in 2006 – so, I am calling it LOA now the “law of attraction” – see, our minds were on the same subject and connecting already 🙂 hey, but it was fun joking around with the seeming coincidence – wonder if Paris would get a kick out of it? Since she has ADD, it would be great if she would come out and support the ADHD community ~ this video is a great start!!!

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