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Interview with Dr. Charles Parker of CorePsychblog

Dr. Charles Parker is the author of two sites:, and, – and he recently joined our new ADDer World community. I think it would be great to get to know him a bit better:

Dr. Parker, thanks for joining ADDer World! I have been a reader of your blog for sometime now and have found it very helpful.

C: Thanks for your invite Bryan, you are setting an important theme by starting early to build a community of like minded folks so we can all pull together! It looks like your ADDer World Community site it really taking off, and see that your work is already providing a significantly positive service for the ADD community – Time for the docs and the patients to really have a dialogue about what’s going on in ADDland.

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

C: My story, Bryan, has some easy repetitive themes: Since I was a kid in rural Indiana and Missouri, I learned a farm work ethic early – the cotton crop does not get to the market if you don’t pick it. And if you set out to pick cotton, don’t plan on a morning stroll – this is an all day affair. Even picking cotton I learned to get better by looking at the details of the process.

Most of the ADD folks that I see have complex issues, that can’t be solved by hasty or superficial interventions.  In fact I rarely see a simple garden variety ADD anymore, as most of those are picked up and treated by others. My psychoanalytic training years ago in Philadelphia really helped me understand the importance of perseverance for the long haul, and the importance of digging relentlessly for deeper information.

So, my mission is simple: to become the most informed psychiatric practitioner possible, by accumulating more nuances of new brain and body information, translating and using that new information with patients, and then teaching those deeper understandings to both the public and the medical community. In a word: I love to learn, and love to teach. 

Why did you create your blog and what is its purpose:

C: I started the blog simply because I knew it was up to me to develop, as you are doing over here, a community of like minded folks who may or may not be frustrated or lost with the complex challenges of dealing with ADD/ADHD issues. The blog is actually about more brain and body subjects than ADD, but as I said in a recent post: I can see at least 14 different ADD/ADHD brain patterns from SPECT imaging – and probably, when the full count is in, at least another 20-30 ADD presentation subsets [that can be measured as molecular and cellular physiologic challenges], for example, in the laboratory. Comprehensive evidence always brings a better treatment prognosis. The community needs this information.

You have some very helpful and informative posts about ADD ADHD. Could you tell us a little about your relationship with ADHD:

C: Thanks for your comments and support on my blog, I do hope your readers do join our CorePsychBlog and Podcast group over there for regular email updates on the blog and the podcast for MP3 audio and video programs. I have planned so many interesting topics over there, and also plan very soon to present weekly *free webinars* [you can simply sign up and listen to it on your machine] for one hour a week to better connect personally with my readership. My webinar tools will permit 2000 web participants and 200 callers, so we shouldn’t have a problem accommodating any one interested. So please sign up to stay tuned   through our email blog/newsletters.

My relationship with ADD is simple: many years ago I realized as I was seeing literally thousands of patients [actually saw 1000 new patients in 2003 the year before opening Amen Clinic in DC for SPECT imaging] – and discovered what the pharma companies were telling me I should do with the meds… just didn’t work in predictable ways. I set out in my own practice to redefine “predictable.”

As I began to develop these more comprehensive, more predictable, understandings my patient improvement and compliance rates skyrocketed, and I quickly became the busiest ADD/ADHD psychiatrist in an area of about 2 million people. Following that happy development I then had the opportunity for the last 12 years to teach my medical colleagues nationally, and have lectured all over the USA, Paris, Virgin Islands, Canada, Grand Cayman, with coaching clients as far away as Japan.

It’s been a remarkable tour, there are some very significant problems to overcome, and I just love the opportunity to become a part of the solution process.

Thank you Dr. Parker for taking this time to tell us a bit about yourself and your blog. Do you have any other websites?

C: The CorePsychPodcast site is the only other current site, and there I will be interviewing some of the most important people nationally regarding immune dysfunction, imaging, measurement of medical problems, DAN doctors to better discuss how ADD fits in with Asperger’s and ASD, and most importantly how we can get the mind and body working together. As it stands now, so many are focused only on *mind drugs,* not paying attention to such important variables as simple exercise, and even with that basic *mind emphasis* don’t pay attention to often catastrophic drug interactions. All of these podcasts on this important new information will be available through free subscription and downloading in iTunes – so signing up is the best choice.

Some of the more specific educational programs and topics will have available slide shows that you can rent for your PTA and show through an internet link… lots of cool ideas coming soon. I have a number of educational modules that can be easily used to take out understandings to the next steps.

And thanks for your postings over at the CorePsych sites!

Thanks, Bryan!

Best of luck with ADDer World!



Thanks again Dr. Parker!

It is an honor to have interviewed Dr. Parker and have him as a member of our new ADDer World Interactive Community. Be sure to visit his sites, linked at the top of this posting and feel free to join the new ADDer World Interactive Community, also linked at the top. Dr. Parker is very active on his sites and takes the time to answer reader comments.