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ADHD by LCdc – AKA Lizard

ADHD by LCdc – AKA Lizard – A member of ADDer World

Life is long and life is short!! My mind is flawed, miles from perfect, yet i am a machine.
My mind grinds on and never tires, my body stalls often and sometimes falters!!

My mind – ahh – my mind – I feel the difference, I reap what it sows, I suffer its ebbs and flows!! I realize often how different my tide table of thoughts is from the reality around me.

I learn from my mistakes – AHHH yes – over and over again – too bad it seems to be the same mistakes!! I am a live wire that has lost its connection, I am a computer whose circuits are infected. I am a blast of energy that is driven by g-forces gone wild. I am a force of nature that has collided with the humanity that seeks to tame me and will always fail.

I am a moment in time and space that rips a hole in the Universal continuum and takes eons to disappear. I feel wrong, I feel diseased, I feel I am a mistake, I feel I can’t ever please the world (but they can’t live without me) I was brought into by a 1 in a million shot. I feel compassionate, I feel free, I feel i am a step away from you and i am in the lead!!! I feel like ME – YUP, I feel ADHD, but I am ME!!!

I have learned the hard way, maybe it’s the right way, maybe it is wrong. Maybe a higher power knew the path I was destined to follow and gave me a mind that was wired in high tension and wound so tight that I would forever be trying to untangle it and uncoil all the blows of humanity.

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Thank you Lizard!