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Norwegian study links Milk and Gluten with ADHD

I just read a very good article by Dr. Eleanor Rolnick about a decade long Norwegian study involving 23 children with ADHD who were put on milk free and gluten free diets. The theory that milk and gluten interfere with the breakdown of certain proteins was developed by Dr. Karl Ludvig. The theory is a metabolic predicament which seems to be triggered when eating milk and gluten and therefore may accelerate ADHD. 22 of the children in the study showed almost immediate mental health improvement, overall behavior, as well as enhanced attention span with increased learning capabilities!

“Long term monitoring of these children has found their disorders to be manageable while the challenges they once faced have virtually disappeared.” –

So, what do I think of this? Actually, I must concur with the results of this study, with the results of my own recent diet change! It has been long noted that after eating is when kids usually have the most problems and so it was noted with me too, when looking back in time. That, I believe, is why we blame so many problems on sugar, even though it has been disproven that sugar is the culprit. Many still believe sugar to be the main issue, but that is because problems seem to occur most frequently after meals! In some cases, with allergies for example, it might not be obvious because symptoms can occur hours or even a day or two later.

I was having more serious issues a few months ago and my symptoms were escalating. I talked about it with a good friend of mine, Gina Pera, and she recommended asking Dr. Charles Parker about it. You may remember a recent post I did with Dr. Charles Parker when I interviewed him. He knew right away that my symptoms went further than ADHD symptoms and were indicative of a metabolic issue. He asked me about gluten and milk specifically. Turns out I am allergic to wheat and dairy products. Furthermore, because of where I live, I was vitamin D deficient!

I have nearly eliminated gluten and dairy products from my diet. And I feel much better. As a matter of fact so many issues I was suffering from have either gone away or have significantly improved! What I appreciate most in this diet is that my mood is so much more even. I am able to think things through much better and see the good in things I might not have noticed before. The improvement from eliminating gluten and dairy products is nothing short of remarkable. Yes, I still have ADHD, but it is far more manageable and the positive sides of ADHD are easier to access now!

A good place to visit and learn more is Dr. Charles Parker’s blog. He has written quite a bit about ADHD and metabolic issues. The original article about this Norwegian study can be found here.

Please, remember that I am only relating my personal experience and it is important to see a doctor before making any diet changes or other health related changes. Milk is also known to be good for those who do not have dairy/milk allergies or other negative health issues concerning milk.

Have you tried any such diet changes? What were the results?