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What follows is a blog posting by Siren, we all enjoyed it with much laughter over at the interactive ADDer World site, I thought it would be just as funny for the rest of ADDer World readers too. These are Siren’s top 6 and only represent her personal experiences, thoughts and actions, so, be your pinky toes warned and don’t you go doing any of this! ~ The above picture is by Chris, also a member, he has now put us into the Matrix… Makes me wonder if we should be X-men or X-files?! Just kidding. Be sure to join ADDer World at this link, join the conversations and other, well, fun stuff… Enjoy~!

By Siren, a member of

So is it common to be clumsy when you have ADD? I’m guessing so. Sounds good anyway. I mean, it just seems like that when I’m in my “dream world” while in motion or when I just don’t think, that I end up hurting myself sometimes. And it cracks me up. I was reflecting on some of my awesome (not really) historical ADD moments that caused bodily harm to myself. Some were caused by being in la-la land. Some were caused be not being able control my impulsiveness. So instead of reliving them again, I decided to not and just write a list. I’m thinking this could backfire after it is read by others showing that no, these weren’t a result of ADD, I’m just a clumsy dingbat. I hoping it is not the latter so here goes….

6. Have broken my pinky toe 7 times catching it on pieces of furniture. Feels great.

5. I wouldn’t be a true ADDer if I had never walked dead into a sliding glass door…..Hawaii 1985.

4. I was walking on the sidewalk in Birmingham. They had these (I still don’t know why the damn things were there in the first place) but anyway, they had these round cement posts that were, oh, about 3.5 ft. high going down the middle of the sidewalk. Probably there to keep psychos from driving on the sidewalk or using them as a passing lane… I dunno. Anyway, they were “caution color” yellow. And since I wasn’t paying attention, I found out that they were also exactly “crotch” high when I ran into one. I hit it juuuuust right and it sent me forward doubling over the damn thing. So guys, don’t think you are the only ones that are sensitive there. It hurt so bad but I was laughing so hard just kind of perched on the top of it by my belly with my arms and legs and head danging down. I just kinda laid there for a minute processing exactly what I had just managed to do. And to let everyone else walking the busy streets of downtown Birmingham enjoy the moment as well.

3. Uhhhhhh, this one is questionable ADD. Could just be spousal abuse. But, whatever. Broke my hand while I was pregnant…….On my husband’s head. And, yes, he deserved it, I swear. No joke, was prego AND in a cast for 2 months. Really difficult to get out of the bath tub too…with the cast and big ol belly. And of course a**hole was going to have no part of helping me do a damn thing. Not fun. And I don’t condone it. Don’t regret it, but I do not condone beating your spouse.

2. I tried to get paint off of my hands with paint thinner. Poured some on my hands….started rubbing it around working it in real good to get that darn paint off. My hands started, kinda, burning. Hmmm, I thought. I don’t remember paint thinner ever burning. I kept rubbing, it got worse. Ladies and gentlemen, (drumroll please)…It wasn’t paint thinner, it was STRIPPER. Burned my hands so bad I had to go to the doctor. Yes-siree, sure did.

And the #1 injury caused by having ADD or being just plain idiotic IS:

1. Ah, yes, this is a good one. One from college. I was living with a friend at the time. I had discovered her, I guess mustache bleach (yes, gentlemen, many dark haired women have to use that although I am not one). I wanted to lighten up my hair a little at the roots. Some redneck highlights, if you will. So I brushed some on at the roots at the front of my hairline and even added some sporadically around the crown of my head. I left it for a little while. Rinsed it, it turned out great! So a month later my roots were showing through again. I went back into the medicine cabinet and quickly got out Amy’s good ol trusty mustache bleach. Put it on right there in front at my hairline just like last time. I waited. Even waited a little longer this time to get it lighter. Rinsed it. But not only was the “bleach” coming out, so was my hair. Yep, had grabbed Amy’s NAIR. Hair removal crap. I looked like a 23 year old with a severe receding hairline. I learned to love hats real quick, y’all.

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Thank you Siren!